manual install 2.2 update


i've debranded my desire from vf and now i have 1.21.405.2

will the manual install of the 2.2 will erase any of my content: mail, sms, contacts, app and so on?

On the HTC website it says about the 2.2 OTA update that:

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i manually updated to 2.2 and my settings, apps and widgets were all still OK afterwards.

however, i cannot guarantee that the same will happen for you.


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Sure it's been asked fact I know it has, but I don't know the answer... is there a way to unbrand from Vodafone after the latest bloatware update? (without rooting, so that it then acts like a proper unbranded unit and takes OTA updates)?


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done it....mmmmm....frozen yogurt

quadrant standard benchmarck

vf rom: 1.19 -> 530
vf rom: 1.24 -> 525
generic rom: 1.21.405.2 -> 560
2.2 update: 2.09.405.58 -> 1212