Nov 3, 2009
Is this process correct:

Connect USB cable to the phone and mount it from the notification window.
Open up a folder view on my Laptop for the mounted Eris.
Copy all the files/folders from the Eris to a folder location on the Laptop.
Manually update the Eris.
Reverse the process on the USB connected/mounted Eris copying and overwriting all files from the Laptop back onto the Eris.

Bottom line question is when the files are returned back to the Eris will the overwrite screw any updated files?
Do I need to be selective of which files/folders I backup then overwrite?

Thanks in advance.
I just backed up contacts, photos, and took note of downloaded files........I've only had the phone for a couple weeks, not a ton on there.

After the manual update (didn't notice much difference?) I just reapplied all the settings I had before and reinstalled the applications. The applications that I had purchased were recognized as "purchased" and reinstalled no problem.

The manual update takes about 10 minutes as advertised, but it took me another 45 minutes of goofing around to put the phone back how I had it setup before........I didn't mind though, I enjoy messing with the settings :)
You can back up contacts and calendar using gmail or HTC sync. I found an app "app manager" that backs up apps to sd card. Other than that, the manual update completely resets your phone to factory. So you will need to redo ALL settings and screen set ups. :)