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Many Complains But.... Are You Happy?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rubi76, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    In the past 2-3 days various websites / news sites, waiting for any possible news regarding Google acting as a retailer for the first time, are talking about the 3g/edge problem and bashing Google for not having implemented a good customer service.
    The other problems seem to be minor, some also due to the fact that for many N1 early adopters it's the first experience with Android - many of their issues come from the fact that they are operating in a new environment.
    Nevertheless, the 3g/Edge problem tread in this forum is one of the longest ones, and we read a lot about it.

    If we acknowledge the fact that it is indeed a major issue, but also that Google is a company that listens and fixes, can I freely ask if users are happy with their Nexus one?
    Are you happy with your purchase?
    Is this the best Android phone one could buy?
    For those coming from an Iphone / Droid, would you do it again?

    I ask this question both because I am about to spend $ 525 plus tax for an N1 and also because I am sick of reading about problems.
    Just wanted to know if people enjoy using their Nexus One or not!:thinking:

  2. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

    I am very happy with this phone. I bought the G1 at launch.... I saw so much potential... I said to myself... add a few more features, polish up the UI, and put it onto some better hardware and we will have a winner. The Nexus One is that winner.
  3. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Too early to tell.

    Until 3rd party apps get caught up , and the OS either gets its first update the user experience is still up in the air.
    Until we are clear on whats happening with screen dust , 3g reception ,delayed orders ,screen sensitivity etc. Not sure anyone can or should say for certain.

    Im still on "first impressions" Im sure plenty of people were thrilled with 360 until they got red rings 2 weeks in. Personally I have to wait a month for the things above outlined before I can truly say Im happy with any electronic device.

    That said my first impressions have been very positive.
  4. mine hasn't even arrived yet! IM FURIOUS.
  5. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Of course, I meant "are you happy ....so far?"
    ... you can see if a phone has potential in the first few days...
  6. Appventive

    Appventive Member

    Personally, I'm loving the Nexus 1 (Speed, Graphics, good interface design, + the fun live wallpapers). The Edge/3G issue is mildly annoying, but I'm sure that T-Mobile/Google will get it sorted.
  7. bsdbytes

    bsdbytes Newbie

    I'm very happy with mine. I have seen occasional weirdness with the 3G signal but it's better than my 9700 (signal wise) and hasn't caused issues with placing or receiving calls.
  8. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Definitely a ton of potential.
  9. After it finally arrived I loved it. I have had no problems with the whole 3g - 2g thing. I have actaully had no problems with it in general. The only thing I really miss is the camera button. This is a great phone. I love watching my coworkers foam at the mouth when I show it off at work...
  10. MarcVH

    MarcVH Lurker

    I'm happy so far, yes.
  11. SPX

    SPX Newbie

    I have only had my phone for about twelve hours, but thus far I am happy with the phone.

    I am having none of the 3G issues mentioned by others. My order was placed over the weekend and I received a shipment notification email at 5 AM on Monday morning. The phone arrived at my house on Tuesday morning.

    The phone is everything that it is promised to be.
  12. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    six days, and I'm happy, no problems. Which seems amazing considering the traffic.
    BUT traffic isn't a good representation of the whole group.
    Same thing happens at car forums. Take the talk with a grain of salt. Many, if not most are having no problems with their phone/car/boats/laptops/stereos/ you get the idea.
  13. anino78

    anino78 Newbie

    I'm also planning to get a nexus one for myself and give my Tattoo to my GF. So far I'm still enjoying my current fone and hopefully for the coming weeks will see some improvements from the complains that some early N1 owners are blubbering about.

    ... I'll still wait for the right timing to upgrade my unit. hehehe.. better to be safe. :)
  14. kgronseth

    kgronseth Newbie

    I'm happy with my nexus one so far. Occasionally the touchscreen will go kind of crazy and not register my touches correctly, but I just lock it then unlock it and it is fine again. Hopefully software update will fix that. Otherwise I love the phone,
  15. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    Yes, happy. Signal issue is there but it's not that bad. Maybe I'm used to it coming from a Hero...
  16. olilan

    olilan Newbie

    I'm completely happy with my Nexus so far. I haven't noticed any 3G issues (I'm on T-mo in the UK, by the way) and I'm loving the speed and the gorgeous screen.
  17. vnurani

    vnurani Lurker

    My nexus phone arrived this monday. I am an ex iphone 3GS user and whether I like it or not I always tend to compare it with iPhone.

    On the whole I am happy with Nexus one.

    As far as I can see so far ( in comparison to iPhone3GS) :

    Pros :
    -High res screen and awesome colors
    - Live wallpaper - nice eye candy.. People standing next to me in the elevator just cant mind their own business and forced to take a peek at it.
    - Awesome integration with gmail/gtalk/maps/picasa/facebook.
    - voice commands - works any any place where its allowed to enter text. It does fail many times but I love the convenience
    - multitasking
    - speed - response of the phone is very fast.. QualCOMM snapdragon is definitely doing its job.
    - Exchange integration - for emails it works fine but haven't figured out a way to sync calendar. No big deal about that.
    - camera/video takes crisp pics and no lag at all
    - I havent noticed any 3G issues so far.

    - the touch screen seems a bit jerky at times in comparison to iPhone.
    - No pinch and Zoom in the default apps (dolphin browser allows pinch and zoom but I didnt like the browser so uninstalled)
    - Battery life same as iPhone.. since I have been using it almost every second of my waking hours, I need to charge twice a day.

    Hopefully google listens to this and comes up with some version release for A2.1 soon.
  18. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    excellent review~
    My N1 was ordered!

    Good to hear from all you guys you are happy!
  19. turbosol16

    turbosol16 Android Enthusiast

    I love the phone, this is my first Android device and I am very pleased with the performance of the operating system and the phone in general. There are quirks but I have no doubt they will be worked out over time and I haven't run into any I can't live with even if they are not fixed.
  20. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Android Expert

    I'm VERY happy with my Nexus One... growing happier day by day as I get more used to Android (I was an iPhone user for 2.5+ years)....

    I'm on the lucky side, since my Nexus has AWESOME signal quality and full 3G signal most of the time... the only downside is the speed... getting currently about 900 kbps down / 450 kbps up... not all that bad, but not 7.2 Mbps either... certainly better currently still than the 9700 I tried for a couple days...

    the touch accuracy bug is about the biggest issue to me... it's very occasional, and quick cycle of the sleep button fixes it... but still annoying... as a few errant screen presses usually occur before I notice the bug has come back... but i feel a software update will rectify this...

    Overall, QUITE impressed with it... hasn't crashed on me once in almost a week of constant usage.... the BB 9700 I tried crashed daily since day one, and multiple times a day even... the Nexus One puts it to shame... it's at least on par with my iphone experiences...

    And the SCREEN is just nothing short of AMAZING!!! Pure BEAUTY!!!
  21. groovebutcher

    groovebutcher Newbie

    I've had my Nexus now for a few days now and still impressed. Screen is great, speed is excellent, camera is the best on a smartphone, battery life is what you would expect, i.e. like an iPhone, 1 day charge.

    I've pretty much down the round with other phones including all the iPhone models, G1, Motorola Milestone and Blackberries. And so far, this is the best phone for me at the moment (that caveat is for when the next 'must have' phone comes out).

    For me, the downsides compared to the iPhone is primarily around media and the apps. Personally, I think it's always going to be very hard to beat Apple at the media player aspect. The iPhone is excellent at that, as are iPods. If you really want a media player, get an iPod touch.

    For apps, although the vast majority of useful apps are available on the Android platform, they are just not as slick as their equivalents on the iPhone. Not a problem for a gadget freak like myself, but for casual smartphone owners, this could put people off. However, if you look at the Media Gallery app on the Nexus, that just demonstrates what you could have once developers get around to improving what's already available. So, the possibility for great apps is there, the apps aren't yet.

    And that's where Android and the Nexus wins, the apps will get better as more Android phones become available. You can get apps that do much more that on the iPhone, e.g. replacing the look and feel of the phone if you want.

    All in all, it is by far the best Android phone. I had a Milestone (Droid), and while it was good, the physical keyboard was a waste of space, and the Nexus just feels slicker. It's not better than an iPhone, but then an iPhone isn't necessarily better than the Nexus either. They are different phones for different people.

    And I've not had any of the issues people go on about. Slick purchasing and dispatch to the UK. 3G working better than it was on my iPhone 3GS. People forget what the iPhone was like in its first year, no MMS, no apps, had to jailbreak it to make it useful... that's where we are with the Nexus.

    So, definitely recommending it as a purchase.
  22. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    Very happy.
  23. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Android Expert

    my biggest gripe is poor connection and integration with my macbook pro and OS X... hope this improves... otherwise the 4th gen iphone will be in my hands the first day it releases

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