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Many questions. Need help and advice. Sorry

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by MrSocialAnxiety, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. MrSocialAnxiety

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    Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-04-18.jpeg Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-03-58.jpeg Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-02-09.jpeg Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-01-31.jpeg Screenshot_2018-09-14-08-01-22.jpeg

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I need some advice and help. Thank you and sorry. I took some screenshots.

    1- I plan on getting a 8gb SD this month or try to. There is a screenshot of apps I have downloaded and was wondering what out of the apps out of the screenshot can be moved to the SD card? Can UC browser be moved to the SD card? Do I need to mount the SD card as well and do I need a app to mount and move apps and files to the SD card? I saw a video on YouTube and it says to click storage and app or something. As you can see in the screenshot I cannot click that. If I do need a app what app do you suggest for my phone? My andriod is 4.4

    2- I am currently using brave browser. Many years ago I used puffin browser then I discovered UC browser. I enjoyed it because of the download speed, I can download videos and export abd import my bookmarks.It took up to space so I uninstalled and installed it many times. Then I tried Kwiwi browser no brave. I am currently using brave , advance download manager to download videos and clipboard manager to save my bookmarks. Can someone please recommend me a good browser that can download videos, import and export bookmarks, good download speed and working adblock? If I get UC browser again could it be moved to a SD card?

    3- I think this might be phone but I have been been having problem with emulators on this phone. Example the first emulator years ago I had on this phone was myboy adavance. I had problems with the up,down, left and right buttons and the a and b button. The up,down,left and right buttons would freeze for little. Had this problem with the other emulator including the n64 one in the screenshot.I had a small phone with a 4.2 andriod and the only button I had a problem was the a and b button and that was on the drastic emulator never had a problem on the Gameboy and Gameboy advance emulators. That phone is no longer working.

    If any of these topics are against the rules and this is the wrong forum I apologized. I hope someone can help. Please feel free to ask me anything. Thank you.


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    Post #7 by KBU2, Sep 17, 2018 (1 points)
  3. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    You may want to do some homework on what permissions each of your apps you want to move to your SD card because some app developers wrote internal use only in the apps manifest. But there are some apps that can move non sd card stored apps to an SD card. Oh and by the way if you can get a bigger SD card I would recommend it if your device could handle it because 8 megabytes would be used up pretty quickly.
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  4. Davdi

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    Unless it's a VERY old device, you should be good with up to 32GB cards, even my old HTC Wildfire S could handle 32GB.
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  5. MrSocialAnxiety

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    Any browser recommendation? Puffin was my first then UC browser. But due to space I had to delete it. It took up 2 something mb. Tried Kwiwi. Currently using Brave. Tried Dolphin. Crashes,freezes and says sitw unvailable when the site is still there.
  6. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    Yes, I recommend using lightning browser from F Droid, It's small light weight and have lots of functions that you would like. But you have to download f-droid app to get it free because the one that's in Google Play Store has more space.
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  7. MrSocialAnxiety

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    How do I get the f-droid app and how do I use it to download lightning browser? Does it have a built in player like UC browser? Also do I need to mount the SD card when or if I get it? Thank you and anyone else who replied. Really helpful.
  8. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    Yes it does and much much more,

  9. MrSocialAnxiety

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    Thank you. I think I found it. I don't know if you can help me but I've been having this problem for years. I am currently using mupen64plusfz emulator (tried the ae version same problem) the problem is the up,down,left and right and A and B controls. It's stiff and freezes constantly. I think it might be the phone. Had this problem with other emulators like myoldboy, drastic,myboy. I had myoldboy, drastic and myboy on a old phone that had a 4.2 android and the only problem I had was the A and B button but the up, down,left and right buttons worked fine.
  10. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    Its a good idea to get reviews on apps you hear or read about on what others are having issues with on that particular emulator. If your device lack memory it's a strong possibility it's the device not the emulator. Don't forget to hit the like button on any subject you feel any AF member has helped with your issue .
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  11. MrSocialAnxiety

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    I will. Thank you and anyone who replied. Very helpful.

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