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Map app in android 2.1 is using batt life even when not running

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adding2n2is5, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. adding2n2is5

    adding2n2is5 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have noticed that since the update to android 2.1 that battery drain is crazy during times that it shouldn't be. After some experimenting and searching through phone settings I found that the phone will tell you what had been using the battery since it was last unplugged. I found that it shows the map app using over 90% of batt even when the program had never been opened. I had also verified through ATK that map app wasn't even open. Anyone else setting this? ANY ideas on what to do?

  2. HardKore

    HardKore Newbie

    I think the battery usage program has some bugs as one day my phone said my camera had used 90% of my phones battery and I never even took one picture.
  3. groggy

    groggy Well-Known Member

    how do i find what is using battery up?
    and i read somehwere on here a thread on battery life saving , does anyone know it?
  4. banksie

    banksie Lurker

    Mine is exactly the same. I haven't even opened the Google Map App and when you open ATK it shows Maps running. If you then kill the App it shows it killed. Return to home screen and then go back to ATK and Google Map is running again!!! Why? Anyone any ideas?
  5. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    Click on phone
    dial *#*#4636#*#*
    This enters a Testing menu with 4 options.
    Battery history will show you what things have been used.

    Also, i found if i turn off mobile network AND wi-fi battery drain is significantly less. I went to bed with 100% and when i got up it had used only 3%. Might help a little if you don't need it.
    Also, Advanced Task Killer is worth using and killing what you don't need
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  6. groggy

    groggy Well-Known Member

    on advanced task killer do i tick the ones i want killing or the ones i want to keep running?
  7. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    Tick the ones you wanna kill mate :)
    I tick all, except Advanced Task Killer itself.
    Just be aware if you kill for example, clock and an alarm is due, it *might* not go off.......trial and error
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  8. groggy

    groggy Well-Known Member

    i only got 2 options:
    phone information and battery information
    under batter information it just tells me about my battery status level scale etc nothing about what has been used?
  9. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    Sorry mate, the 2 option is V1.5 as opposed to 4 option under 2.1.
    I am sure someone with more knowledge of task manager style apps from the market might be able to help more
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  10. groggy

    groggy Well-Known Member

    now updating to 2.1.....thats another problem!

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