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Support Map issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by benjamin163, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. benjamin163

    benjamin163 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello and good evening,
    I am using google maps on my htc desire.
    I'm finding it difficult to see how to set my location and then name it and keep it.
    I'm at a nice restaurant I've found. I want to save it. I click on Google maps and get located. I want to be able to type in the name of the restaurant at that location and keep it on the map for future reference.
    Can anyone tell me how to go about doing that?
    Any help gratefully recieved.


  2. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    My take is that the Lounge is a place to be completely off-topic. The Android Lounge is a place to talk about general Android stuff. Maybe not necessarily specific to a certain device.

    So I think your post is in the right place.

    Google Maps allows you to "star" your favorite places. Assuming you've pulled up the restaurant in Google Maps (the page that shows reviews, cuisine, etc), there should be a gray star to the right of the restaurant name. Tap that, and the star will turn yellow/orange.

    Now, that restaurant is part of your "starred places (favorites)." From the map view, you can then press MENU and chooses "Starred Places" for quick access.
  3. When you install Google Map do you see Latitude? Go in App list and open it and from there you can set it and label it based on the GPS location which will then show up on Map.
  4. benjamin163

    benjamin163 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot for your answers,
    The thing is, if I'm at a place that I want to label that isn't necessarily anything of note, like a friend's address or a nice tree in a wood how do I go about marking that?
    Would I do that through Latitude HKM?
    I'll have a go.
    On my old Nokia it was a simple case of wherever you were you could mark that place, call it something and forever have it on the map so that you could navigate to it whenever you wanted to. I would imagine there is a similar (and better!) functionality on Android but it's not obvious.
    I'll try the latitude thing as you suggest and report back.
    Thanks again for your replies.
  5. benjamin163

    benjamin163 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello HKM, I tried latitude and it's still not quite what I'm after. I'm not wanting to share location and I couldn't work out how to rename the spot where I was.
    I just want to be able to fix my location wherever I am at a particular time and place when I stumble across lovely or useful things, name it and save it for future reference.
    I'm sure there must be a way of doing it but for the life of me I can't see it.
    Any more help gratefully received.

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