Dave Estam

Jan 11, 2016
I have an Android venue 8 tablet and would like to know the best map app that will allow me to use a road maps program off-line.
I have wifi at home but need to download maps for my Detroit area so I can use my tablet as a gps.
Any suggestions please.
Thanks, I have Google Maps on my table, where do I select the maps to download. Are they free or is there a cost. Many thanks....
Hi Dave, welcome to Android Forums.

The following link takes you to 'Help for Google offline maps' :-

https://support.google.com/gmm/answer/6291838?hl=en-GB - it is totally free and one big advantage over other navigation apps is the ability to zoom in and save just a city and it's surrounding area, reducing the amount of storage used. I find the easiest way is from the menu (either tap the 3 bar button top left or slide in from the left), select 'Offline areas', and tap the + icon (blue background) then scroll and zoom to your desired area and tap download.

Screenshot_2016-01-11-23-56-19.png Screenshot_2016-01-11-23-56-37.png

Currently only navigation by car is available with off-line use.

You could also have a look at :-


The app is free to download and worldwide maps are available, also free to download. In the US the maps are state based so again it is reasonable on storage usage, and navigation by car, cycle and foot are available off-line.

Hope this helps :).
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For myself?

CoPilot is the best of the crop. Before you download any maps, go to Settings and set the Default storage location to extSDcard. If you don't, the maps will chew up a humongous amount of internal memory.

* CoPilot GPS - Plan & explore! - Android Apps on Google Play

CoPilot has more options than any other map app I have tried, it is totally reliable, and if you pay $9.99 you can get the Audible Drive by instructions... that is a Lifetime fee, once only.

No other map app I have tried is as fast as CoPilot, it is near instantaneous in finding what you want.

google Voice though, is better at just talking to it and driving to your destination... but that uses up DATA, and CoPilot never, ever, uses DATA for anything, it is strictly OFFLINE all the way.....

Make triple sure you have DATA off, and WiFi on before downloading maps.... they are big if you get the whole enchilada.... if you only want one small area, they offer that too.
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