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Mapping and the Dorid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bogaski, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. bogaski

    bogaski Newbie
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    So here is the deal. I do a lot of backpacking and climbing in wilderness areas with often no cell / data coverage. I have always used topographic paper maps. I have decided to see about using my Droid in the field for this. However, am finding teh solution frustrating. I would want a good map, preferably topographic but satellite would do, GPS connection, digital compass and latitude and longitude recording. It seems there are parts but not all of this. For example, Google My Maps has to have a cell connection to work (you can not down load specific area maps). Google Earth does not support Droid. There is probably 3rd party software (I.E. Topozone or the like) but it would stick a but load of info on the memory. So, any of you outdoor people found a solution? While I will do several trial runs with both Droid and paper (and always have a paper back up) It makes it easier to have an e-platform that records progress, way points and location and that can be seamlessly integrated / shared.

    BTW, thanks to all for info. Been lurking here for about 6 months and been given great information.

  2. w6ktb

    w6ktb Lurker

    Ditto for me. Found a few apps, like tripComputer, that do some of this, but nothing that allows offline use of Topo's.
  3. ptraykovski

    ptraykovski Lurker

    There are some such as Oruxmaps, Bigplanet, rmaps that have some functionality to load maps to a sd card and you could do topos through oziexplorer on at at least one of these. Don't remember which now, but nothing that is ideal. Most of them (except bigplanet) require you use a pc to build a map data base and download it to your phone via usb. Not ideal for downloading on the drive up to the mountains etc. I don't think pig planet can get topo's ..just google terrian.

    SO nothing ideal yet, but some stuff that helps a bit. be sure to bring pletny of extra batteries or a big external pack for hiking with a a android GPS on. it is not optimized to converse power while using a gps yet!
  4. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    I'm still carrying my Garmin Legend HCx for out of cell range. I've posted on Garmin's forum asking if they are going to release any software for Android (since they have an android based nuvi phone). My Legend HCx fits topo maps for half the US on a 2G card so it wouldn't take a lot of space on the droid
  5. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    yea idk how well the droid would be suited for outdoor use like wilderness backpacking. battery life isnt great when compared to handheld gps units. Also, i cant imagine the look on your face if you drop it down some never ending ravine :eek: you would either need the rescue rangers or the VZW insurance plan to save you out of that pickle

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