May 16, 2011
Android Newby here,
I've had my Nexus for 2 weeks and so far I am very pleased.
I've been reading thru the forums and picked up several tips. (Many Thanks on that note.)
However I have a question about Apps running and the Maps & Music application.

First Question: RAM - Should I reboot on a regular basis?
Here's why I'm asking.
It started when I noticed that my home page wouldn't "slide" when I tried to go from one side to the other. It had a pause or wouldn't go at all.
None of the other apps or displays seemed to have a problem.
That's when I notice that on Apps Running I was using nearly 173 MB.

Under Apps Running I have Settings,, Market, Google Services and Android Keyboard running.
A reboot of the phone brought the ram usage back down to 99 MB and my home page seems to be working properly. So is a reboot a regular maintenance activity?

Next Question: Maps and Music Applications.
Here's why I'm asking.
When I reboot, Maps and Music start up. And Maps seem to use quite a few resources. Are these Apps necessary? Or how can I set preferences so they don't start up on reboot?

I apologize up front if these seem like stupid questions. The forum has been of great assistance in helping me get familiar with my new device.