Help Maps v7.0.2 - Navigation and "Directional Follow" show the phone travelling wrong direction?


I don't know how to explain the mode, but since upgrading to the newest Google Maps version, when I click on the GPS twice so I get the 3d map and it's at a "birds eye" instead of straight "overhead" view, as I'm driving on the freeway the arrow is pointing in the wrong direction.

In the photo below, I had clicked the GPS button twice so it was in the "angled follow mode" or whatever it's called and you can see the arrow is pointing as if I was travelling perpendicular to the freeway. I end up having to spin the map around so it's facing the CORRECT way, and then click GPS to follow again (leaving it in just standard "overhead" view since the "angled view" won't work).

I did not have this issue with the previous version of Google Maps, as I would put it into Navigation mode and I could see the traffic ahead of me in the map. Now the map is always aimed at the wrong direction and I can't see the traffic layer ahead of me. :mad:

Any ideas? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a little while ago - will see how it works when I drive home from work.



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Unfortunately, uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix it. As I was driving on the freeway, the phone was spinning around trying to figure out which "direction" it was pointing. The phone sits in an iBolt car dock so it's laying on it's side, if that makes any difference.

Here's the dock without the phone in it:


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Seems to do this with me to. Strange thing is, when you start maps, there is a compass icon in the bottom right hand corner of screen. When you tap this it toggled between compass mode and true North mode, i.e. compass mode screen will rotate to follow the direction you are travelling in, True north mode means that North is always up. As soon as you search for a destination, choose your method of transport and hit start, only true north view is presented. This view is no good when using for navigation as it is not as easy to anticipate directions. Anyone found a way to switch modes as the compass icon is no longer in bottom right hand corner to allow switch, you only have an icon in top right hand corner that switches between 2d and 3d view.