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Mar 26, 2008
Google TV will be THE big holiday purchase of 2010. In the past the game consoles (XBOX 360, Wii, PS3) have competed for consumers' attention and Google TV definitely fits into that same genre. Especially since you'll be able to download Android Games to your TV.

Not to mention KIDS could certainly be looking at Google TV as a holiday gift option for their parents. I hope MY parents aren't reading this because if they are... they'll already know what they're getting!
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Holiday season must-have or not, GoogleTV will revolutionize the living room experience no doubt.

It will certainly have an impact on the way we roll at MY house.
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I would love to have this but I want it to replace the cable box, not coexist with it. They need to release a hardware version that takes a cablecard so cable users can get rid of the cablebox all together.

I would actually prefer an option of a client-server relationship. I was planning to build a windows media center machine and get a cablecard tv tuner that way I could stream tv to my tvs with xbox's on them instead of renting cable boxes. If they had an approach where you buy a server with a tv tuner and then buy cheaper client machines (or work with an xbox360/ps3) that would be perfect.
Well drhill I don't see why it COULDN'T replace the cable box. That will be up to 3rd parties who decide to integrate Google TV into their hardware. Dish TV, Comcast, Road Runner, Time Warner or whoever else could choose to integrate Google TV into their existing boxes if I'm not mistaken.

A huge number of them might not choose to do this right away, but just like Android, once a couple try it they will enjoy a competitive advantage and the rest will be forced to go that route as well.
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Also remember, TVs and BR players are going to be manufactured with it built in - requiring no addition equipment.

Of course that'll only be useful for people needing to upgrade their current equipment. However over time as building it in becomes standard (hopefully!) and people inevitably end up buying new TVs/players - that will become the utilized case for all.

Unless separate equipment provides some real benefits. Perhaps expandability options..

Also note - DishNetwork plans to integrate it in their boxes. Though they did say they expect a better experience from the Logitech box.
Agreed with Google TV being the must have option this holiday season. I'm planning on ditching Cable once we move (we just don't watch enough TV, and what we do watch is covered nicely by netflix) so this would be the perfect companion (and a perfect dual gift as I'll be staying with the person who I'm buying it for ;) )
I've also got Kinnect ordered but not for me, until it becomes compatible with Modern Warfare 2 lol I'm getting it for my 4 year old to have a Kinnectimal. Tried a real cat and it didn't work out. :D