Help "Market" app never works.

Network server error. I'm sick to death of seeing this. I'm also sick of the toothy salesman at T-Mobile telling me how the MT4G is the latest and greatest. The video chat doesn't work, and when it does, it sucks. I can't access the market for apps. I tell ya what, it is a great phone. The sooftware isn't. i shelled out over $500.00 for 2 of these things. I really don't know why I'm sitting here bellyachin'. I should be down at the T-Mobile store getting my money back unless one of you might be able to give me a few ideas!


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Without exception, EVERY call to T-Mobile has resulted in soft rests, hard resets, battery removal, power and volume down resets, etc. I do know this... T-Mobile has the friendliest customer service reps in the business!


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for your issue with market have you tried going into setting>Apps>Manage apps>All, scroll down to Market, tap clear cache and Force stop, then try reopening the Market?

what kind of Data signal are you getting? have you tried it on wifi if you're getting shitty signal, same for the Video chat, also how old is your SIM card, my MT3G-Slide was acting stupid like that when I first got it until I made them change out my 5 year old SIM card for one of the new ones.


I'll add a little bit to what RW suggested.

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Apps > (All Tab) > scroll down to market. Clear data, and uninstall updates. Hit back button once. Click on Market Updater and force stop it.

Now hit the back button once and scroll down to your "Talk" app. Clear the data for Talk.

Now open your Talk App from your Apps list and make sure the green light is on and everything is good. Close it out and go back to Market, and hopefully it should be working for you.

The first time I had this problem, I just cleared the data and uninstalled the market updates and it worked, but then it happened again and that didn't fix it again. Clearing the Market and Talk apps did fix it though. Hope this works for you.


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Thanks y'all. I just got back from T-Mobile. They suggested I remove the battery, wait 10 seconds, and turn the phone on. "That should fix it" said the bubblegummer. I love this message board... lots of good info here.