Root Market COMPLETELYdeleted. :[


Sep 28, 2010
hello. i'd like to start by saying thank yu to everyone in this forum, for yu have helped tremendously throughout my time with my droid problems. i've never posted because i've never had reason to... until today...

i was trying to replace my market app [vending.apk] on my phone, and for some stupid reason i thought it would be easy to do it by deleting my market [vending.apk]. not only that, but along with thee marketupdater.apk. and w/o backup. [shoot me in the head.]

i've tried installing vending.apk's thru adb.. push commands.. and so on..
i'm hoping somebody can help me get it back. i would be ever so grateful.
i have a rooted motorola droid 2.2 frg22d. i pray someone can help.

thanks for your time in reading this, if not your help.
Welcome to Android Forums, TRUnae. Good of you to join up and post a question.

Sorry to see it's a frustration with replacing the Market app.

One method is to use Astro or Root Explorer and go into the hidden system files where the file resides. You'll see the system folder at or near the bottom, then an app folder.

Go into the app folder and open the application manager for it and install vending.apk.

If you cannot find success doing that (having inadvertently removed the vending.apk from the system folder?), then a hard reset is the only other option I know of.

Back up everything you can, contacts, etc, and go into menu > privacy > factory data reset.

I've moved your question into the Droid All Things Root area where you are more likely to see responses about your rooted Droid.
You could try reflashing LFY over your current install. It should work since you aren't updating and that will put the market app (and updater) back where they belong. It should leave other apps alone. Just flash without wipe. Whether to backup first is up to you. You already know that the current install is hosed ... so if you backup and the reflash works, make sure you delete the backup so you don't accidentally restore it.
thank you people. i had already tried [Frisco]'s method, with no success. i would always get the fail with [no certificates] as the reason. but last night i found success in a method i made up.
i seen that the vending.apk [market] had two files in the /system/app/ folder; a [.apk] file and [.odex] file. so i figured i needed both. i couldnt find a [.odex] vending file anywhere, so what i did was make a copy of the [.apk] vending file and renamed it to [vending.odex]. i tried to install it right after that, and no success. so i went to sleep, woke up the next morning; rebooted my phone.. and with no need of installation or anything, the market was there!
it works like new. i've downloaded apps and updated some already.
so my droid world is okay again. ;]