Market Down?

I downloaded an app about 30 minutes ago just fine and shortly after I went to download a different app and it will seem to start (icon in task bar) but after about 5 seconds it disappears and it has not downloaded... it is not just that app but any one I try... I have even uninstalled a couple and tried to reinstall the same ones with no luck. I have power cycled the phone several times and even tried removing battery and rebooting it. Any thoughts?


I am also having the same issue. It goes like this:


then disappears right?


I have exactly the same problem. It starts downloading then just disappears. Deleting app and re-installing doesn't work either. Switched to another ROM and using another version of market app itself, same things happen


Still not over here :( i have a friend on an evo who lives in nh, his is working fine. I'm in Boston and i still can't download or update anything. Don't know if location has anything to do with it.