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Market downloads stopped working!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by android1230, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. android1230

    android1230 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Don't know if anyone else is having the same problem as me, but I can't download anything from the market.

    I have had this problem for the last couple of days, all my downloads just stay stuck on starting download.

    I am on Orange 2.1.

    Any advice would be appreciated


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    The Market has been borked since Friday... that's when I noticed the problem.

    Try restarting your handset with a download in progress, as that sometimes kick-starts things. Failing that, others have reported that enabling Airplane Mode for a time does the trick. I'm currently doing the latter myself.
  3. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Member

    Mine was stuck all yesterday but is fine this morning. Looks like everything is working fine again now.
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Still busted here. :(
  5. android1230

    android1230 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No mine is still not working!
    The only way to start downloads was to change my google account to @gmail.com from @googlemail.com, then create a new account on the phone with @gmail.com and let it sync.

    After that I then changed back to @googlemail on my pc then deleted the @gmail.com on the phone.

    Instantly any stuck downloads started to come in, but I still can't download any more apps after this unless I repeat the proceedure.

    Is this a google problem or is my phone faulty?
  6. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I don't quite follow the process you just explained, but what I do know is that anyone who switched between @gmail and @googlemail couldn't use the market until they switched back to the original one.

    In other words, you have to stick which the version you had when setting up the phone.
  7. Fozzy

    Fozzy Newbie

    Same problem here. Been like it since saturday morning. I even tried flashing my rom again, no joy. Have had a download queue of apps going since saturday evening and have had no joy to downloading any of them.

    Has anybody found a solution?
  8. Njd4

    Njd4 Member

    Hmmm.. I too have this problem which started on Friday I believe.. it just says 'starting download' but does nothing. I can surf the net and Look at google maps all without problem so my WiFi is fine. Nothing downloads over 3g/H either. I'm signed into my googlemail.com account which IS the one I had and first used when I got my hero. After scouring the net and trying everything I eventully gave in and did a factory reset which has done nothing to cure the problem only now it's wiped all the apps I DID have.. leaving me with only the apps that came with my phone *:( I have an HTC hero which I've updated to 2.1 never rooted.. but also on the wonderful Orange UK.. *:( with a 2 year contract until December 2012.. lucky me..*:(
  9. LKNDY81

    LKNDY81 Newbie

    okay i have had the proble with like 1 in every 50 apps. something just keeps saying preparing download or something like that but i have found that if you just find an app close to it it downloads then works almost the same as the other. hope this helped.
  10. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    The problem is with Google and/or the Market, not the mobile network, your WLAN or the handset itself. I got two updates this evening simply by restarting the phone but it doesn't happen consistently.
  11. android1230

    android1230 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My Hero still stuck this morning, still can't download any apps at all.

    Just don't know what to do now

    Anyone else still having the same problem?
  12. Njd4

    Njd4 Member

    I was hoping to find that the gremlins would've gone by this morning but alas no. I still can't download ANY apps at all and the problem Is NOT intermittent in my case. A factory reset did NOT help either so I advise against this as I'm now left with no 3rd party apps at all. Are most of you with this problem with Orange UK?
  13. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Member

    Yeah, same here. It downloaded a couple at the weekend but ha stopped again.
    Mine's an unbranded phone but yeah, the contract is with Orange UK.
  14. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    There's a thread on the topic over at xda-dev; at least one affected member there is with T-Mobile. It looks as if Google have held their hands up and taken responsibility.
  15. mancjon

    mancjon Lurker

    Had the same problem on my Hero since updating the ROM to eclair 2.1 could not download any apps from marketplace, just got the message "starting download", tried everything from factory reset, clearing the cache of just about every app, eventually i switched my googlemail.com email to gmail.com and the downloads kicked straight in, well the first one did anyway, then it happened again, so I'm now restarting the phone and reassigning the account settings to gmail.com, fingers crossed!
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  16. thelanelady

    thelanelady Lurker

    my son got a new LG for his birthday yesterday and has this problem when trying to download from Market Place!!!!
  17. Njd4

    Njd4 Member

    My mates HTC desire isn't downloading apps this morning either and he's on Vodafone.. damn.. hoped he could Bluetooth me the handcent sms apk! ;) I'll try changing gmail settings at home.(BLocked from works pc!) CURrently on Googlemail.com account..
  18. mancjon

    mancjon Lurker

    I reset my googlemail.com account to a gmail.com account, you can do this by logging on to your google mail account on a pc not a phone, if you look in the inbox there is usually a header note asking if you would like to do this....then I had to factory reset the Hero by holding the HOME + POWER/END CALL + BACK buttons. Sync your accounts to back up your data and contacts first. Select clear data, then press menu. The phone then reboots to original settings. when you are setting up the phone from the startup menu tap the option to set up the google account, login with the gmail.com in place of the googlemail.com. And then perform a sync to get your contacts and calendar back. Hey presto, problem solved. This was really bugging me and I hope this helps.....
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  19. Fozzy

    Fozzy Newbie

    The problem with the factory reset method is that you lose all apps that you have downloaded already, which is just a pain in the arse. Yes I know you can use Astro or Titanium to restore all your apps; but this shouldn't have to be done.

    Google should just leave people's email address as GoogleMail to save this hastle. Or they should fix the Market to accept both Gmail and Googlemail for the same account.
  20. Njd4

    Njd4 Member

    Cheers Guys!

    Changed my account from @googlemail.com to @gmail.com and after another factory reset it's now downloading apps again!

    I do agree with Fozzy though... this is a right pain as I now have to re-install all my apps and change all the settings to get them back the way I had them..

    Just another thing pushing people towards the dreaded iphone..

    Thanks again!
  21. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Member

    Cheers, just done this but now I have a new problem...

    Before I did the reset I had...
    Tune "A" for ringtone
    Tune "B" for email notification
    Tune "C" for text message notification

    After the reset I can get Tune "A" as ringtone,Tune "C" as text message but cant get the email notification to play anything at all. I cant even get it to vibrate.
    Gone through all the settings and they are saying Tune "B" is the alert but it just wont play.
    Any ideas?
  22. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    So what you're saying is that, despite me not taking up the offer of switching my account to .gmail from .googlemail for precisely this reason, Google have done it anyway and porked my account settings on my handset? Great.... :mad:

    A reset is no huge hardship thanks to Titanium Backup and individual widgets saving their configs, but if my @googlemail address is still associated with the @gmail one in Gmail then wtf can't they do that for all their services???
  23. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Member

    I hadn't updated mine so did it for this fix. It worked for the market but as I said above, it's knackered my email notification.
    The fone wont vibrate or play anything at all to notify me of emails.
    REALLY getting on my nerves now.
    I've even used Ringdroid to remake my notification tune and saved it as the default note for emails.
    Still nothing.
    Tried going into it from the email by going through the Settings route.
    Please help.lol.
  24. android1230

    android1230 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Changed to gmail.com from a pc, hard reset and now all working again what a pain!!

    Took me ages setting up my phone again afterwards though.

    Anyway at least its working now, but it's not really acceptable you have to do this if your downloads stop working.
  25. ToeCutter

    ToeCutter Newbie

    I don't think this is the case. I took up the offer to change to @gmail.com and experienced the problem downloading from the market, so I changed back. Everything has been fine since then.

    Once they have sorted out the problem with @gmail accounts and the market, I may revisit.

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