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Market issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by epiphany, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. epiphany

    epiphany Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I made a search for a thread with my problem but was unable to find one, sorry if this has already been covered. On tuesday I got locked out of my phone, I was unable to sign in via my gmail to unlock it so I was forced to do a hard reset. After this was done my phone was working fine, or so I thought. After a day or two I noticed that my marketplace was not working. When I try to open it I get this message:
    The application Market (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly.
    Please try again." and I have to force close it. This has now been happening for half a week and is getting really annoying, as I don't want to have to reset my phone yet again and re-enter everything. Thanks.

    1.) Model Number ? HTC Dream
    2.) Firmware Version ? 1.5
    3.) Baseband Version ? 62.52s.20.18U_3.22.20.17
    4.) Kernel Version ? 2.6.27-9af60ed4 u70000@android-X01 )
    5.) Build Number ? 1.86.631.1

    Carrier ?Rogers

    Country you are using your phone in ? Canada

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    Hi Epiphany and Welcome to the Forums :D

    Looks like your Market may have got corrupted somehow during the Hard reset , So I beleive it looks like your going to have to do another hard reset and hopefully it would have gone through fine.

    Also , Just a HINT for anyone: If I'm correct When you get that log in screen on the Phone such as the OP... You only put the First part of the email before the "@" symbol. This has caught a few people out leading them to hard resets too

    Carl :)
  3. epiphany

    epiphany Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just did a second hard reset, and the market still is not working. So I guess I'll need to go get a new phone then?

    And on the second point, I tried many combinations, just the name, name@gmail, name@gmail.com etc. Nothing would work and it seemed my phone wasn't even communicating with google as the moment I pressed enter it would say invalid username or password.
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    Yeah , I would say go for a replacement. If your still having issues with the Marketplace and done a hard reset to restore the Android OS to it's factory state. Then theirs nothing really else to do {that the average consumer can do} but a replacement :)
  5. dspenca

    dspenca Lurker

    This happened for me. Removing the Mem card prevented the fault occuring.

    Think I either have a corrupt file on the MEM card or the MEM card its self is faulty.

    (orginal 4gb card)
  6. I got your answer. ;) well this happened to me to so I went to settings> applications> manage applications, then I scrolled down to "market". First I cleared the Cache, then I force stopped it, then I unistalled all the the updates. don't worry you'll still have android market on there. After that you just re-open Market and it should work. :D
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  7. farufas

    farufas Lurker

    Man this issue was bugging the hell outta me, recently put android on my HD2 but your post did the trick.....thanks dude.

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