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Root Market mayhem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hewitts, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. hewitts

    hewitts Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Two issue since root.

    1 market only displays 10 or so of the results for any search. For example search "youtube" and market shows 1062 results. But only displays 8. No scroll or advance options.

    2 where do you manage (uninstall) ape sine it doesn't show in the settings like on the phone os?


  2. bluewhite79

    bluewhite79 Well-Known Member

    8 might only be compatible with your "phone"???
  3. bluewhite79

    bluewhite79 Well-Known Member

    actually nevermind, you're right.

    a whole bunch don't show up for me either.
  4. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    If you search the market with your NC held horizontally, a lot more results show. I have no idea why that is.
  5. bluewhite79

    bluewhite79 Well-Known Member

    ha ha ha. i'll have to try it when i'm home. thats just odd.
  6. bucketheadmn

    bucketheadmn Well-Known Member

    This is it. Not sure why it only works horizontal, but that is the ticket.
  7. hewitts

    hewitts Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks all now if i could just find the stock youtube to reinstall
  8. bgrutter

    bgrutter Android Enthusiast

    Wow, good call. I always thought the search results seemed a bit limited.

  9. celticscryer

    celticscryer Newbie

    I'm also having Market issues. I first rooted my Nook last Sunday and discovered I had very limited access to the Market. The Nookdevs site mentioned something about it sometimes taking up to 30 hours after root for the market to work, so I waited. 3 days later, still a limited market. That's when I found this thread and rotating my nook did indeed bring up a ton more apps, but still not everything. (Just as an example, I have access to Angry Birds Seasons, but not the original Angry Birds.)

    I flashed back to stock and tried the root again, and still have a limited market. Any thoughts? Everything else works beautifully so I'm fairly certain I didn't do anything wrong!
  10. bgrutter

    bgrutter Android Enthusiast

    Angry birds is often hard to locate on the NC. I just used Root Explorer to find thew APK on my DInc and emailed it to myself. Then installed it from my email account to my NC. Took less than 5 minutes total.

    Hope that helps.

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