Help market problems again?


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Hi all

Is there problems with the market again? I have just purchased an app and it is not downloading. Updates not working either. Just like the other day.


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Yep. Just tried updating some apps. After a force stop, clear cache on Market and same on download manager, still no joy.

Looks exactly the same as before :(


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Thought it was just me. I've not been able to download anything for days now.

Tried all the usual work around crap. No luck.



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Some apps are working and others aren't. For example, won't work, but without clearing the cache or anything I've managed to download another update that has worked. update wouldn't work after this either.

So I think it's only some apps...


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Im trying to update beautiful widgets and it is not working. :(

Edit: I just rebooted my phone and the market is now working.


I am having similar problems: updates not downloading (saying starting downloading)
Google talk refusing to start at all
Google email not showing recent emails

Could it be a google account thing?

My phone is showing that its low on space, because the 'move to SD' function is not being used well by developers yet - i am guessing.

Ps this has gone on for about 3 days
pps. Have done a reboot and is working again - My google account was not sync'ing - for longer than it seems (22 Oct) ... so not sure why this was happening and how to repair without a factory reset?


Are people still seeing this problem? I can't download anything, occasionally force closing the Market or clearing the cache helps for one download but that's it. I just rooted and had some issues, so not sure if it's a general issue or related to something I've done



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Well, its Sunday night again and once again I cant download :( What the hell is going on? This is getting to be a regular thing


Hmm, my Market doesn't want to open. "Attention - an Error has occured. Please try again later"

Is that the same as you guys? I just updated to 2.2 with Telus's official release tonight. Think it's related? I did the clear cache and force stop as well.


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Does this affect the synchronization of other accounts i.e. friendstream and peep? Also i cant open the Talk Application