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Feb 5, 2010
Hi guys

Android market has stopped working for me....been fine since I bought my phone in January - but now when I go into the market - I can't download anything. It finds apps fine - but nothing ever moves from 'Starting download...'

I've switched my phone off a few times and still it won't work.

Anyone else ever had this problem?
Bunch of people are having this issue. I was actually having it earlier today. Here is my situation:

I have an AT&T Nexus One which I rooted so I could put Foryo on it. Since I put Froyo on it, I wasn't able to get the private apps so I decided to go back to the old stock AT&T image. That is when I lost the ability to download anything from the market. Luckily for me, I was just able to go back to Froyo and everything is back to normal.

If you check out the market help, there are a couple threads of people who have been dealing with this, along with a bunch of possible solutions that work for some and not others.

Good luck!
Thanks for the help mate.

Found the market thread.

If anyone else has this problem - it sounds like a big part of the problem is if you change your googlemail account to gmail here in the UK. I changed mine back to googlemail and it works fine now.
This is probably due to changing your login from googlemail to gmail. Have you done that? It will also stop Google Talk working. The solution for now is to change it back on your PC.

More Info: here