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Market Update 3.1.3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by burnt_toast, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello all I need a little help. 1st not sure if im posting at the right section, please if it needs to be moved.

    My Desire is rooted running Gingervillain 2.5, My Market updated automatically to 3.1.3 version. Now, my market always crashes.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Any solution?



  2. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    Loads of people have had trouble with it, including myself. Go to market on manage applications and uninstall updates as i haven't heard of any other solutions.
  3. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Member
    Thread Starter

    I have been uninstalling the update, but it keeps updating automatically. Any way to turn that off?
  4. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    As your rooted like me. I uninstalled market updater apk in system app. I also backed up the old market with titanium and just restored that.
  5. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Member
    Thread Starter

    I uninstalled the update and "freeze" update.apk.

    Hope theres a solution soon
  6. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    I think market updates if you select update all in market. In case you update individual apps one by one market does not update.
  7. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    Not for me, i never update all, only certain ones.:thinking:
  8. Intruder

    Intruder Android Enthusiast

    Complete rubbish......
  9. yenrod

    yenrod Well-Known Member

    So, how do you keep it from updating ??????????
  10. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    You don't, unless you're rooted, and if you are you can use the full version of Titanium to freeze the Market Updater until they sort out the issues.
  11. Xreo

    Xreo Member

    Or, you can go S-off and use root explorer to go into /system and just delete the marketupdater.apk

    But make sure you make a copy of it to your sd card so if you ever want to update it you will be able to.
  12. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    Not true i'm afraid, I have done this, frozen it removed it with root explorer and it still bloody updates. :mad:
  13. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    That's really strange, mine was updating constantly, as soon as I uninstalled the updates 30 seconds later it would reinstall it, but that all stopped as soon as I froze Market Updater.
  14. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    I know. I might wipe and reinstall redux 1.2 see if it's any different. I didn't wipe when i installed the redux 2 testbuild over the top. I can live with the market thing though, only takes a couple of clicks with Ti to roll back to the earlier market version. :)
  15. womb raider

    womb raider Android Enthusiast

    Well I finally got my Market update - what a nightmare!

    Got up Saturday morning, turned my phone on and got the 'app update' notification. Clicked through to the Market, updated Desktop Visualizer...all good. About 5 minutes later I get another update notification, so I select it and it then opens up the new Market and also a log in box. This is where my troubles began.

    For some reason, it's asking me to log in using my Youtube account!

    Now a little backstory: when I got my phone, the Youtube app wouldn't let me log in with my usual Google account so I set up a new account and kinda forgot all about it.

    So when I tried to open the updated Market, it shows the username "xxx@youtube.com" and asks for a password.....with absolutely no option to change the username to my 'proper' Google account username! So I tried logging in with my Youtube acc. password, entering the screen captcha but each time it would refuse me and keep asking me to log in again etc

    I found a quick workaround by going to the Market website on my browser and logging in there, which seemed to log me in properly on my Market app as well. All sorted I thought.....until the next time I tried to open the Market, I get the same pop up box asking me to log in with my Youtube acc. details. Since then I've found that if I hit the 'back' button on my phone, it gives me a couple of seconds (while the phone displays the 'loading' screen) so I can hit 'menu' and then 'accounts' and switch to my proper Google account.

    The annoying thing is, every now and then it logs me out again and I have to repeat the process of hitting back at the log in screen, and trying to switch accounts in the couple of seconds gap I have before the log in box pops back up again. And I can't seem to find a way to set my Google account as the default Market account.....god knows why as I've never used the Youtube account for anything other the Youtube app and have certainly never logged into the Market with it.

    Anyone else had problems like this?! Or know if there's a way to set my main Google account as the default (as it was prior to the update) or delete the Youtube account from the Market?
  16. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    Here is the answer you are looking for. ( If you are rooted )

    Install Terminal Emulator.

    Open Titainium backup, Uninstall the market then download this one here.

    NEW 2.3.6 MARKET apk!!!! - xda-developers

    Open the terminal Emulator then type this. ( No Quotes )

    pm disable com.android.vending.updater"

    That will disable the updater for the market and keep you with the nice old one.
    Worked for me.

    Thanks to speedycolzalez for the terminal instructions and rtb35 for the link to the market.

    Original post being here if you would like to thank them.

    Here you go.
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  17. trevytrev

    trevytrev Well-Known Member

    I must be one of the very few lucky ones who's had absolutely no issues with the new market at all, it's worked fine for me since the update
  18. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    Ha ha, mine actually worked fine aswell....i just bloody hated it. :D
  19. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    yeah same here, its too.. windows like.
    if i wanted that i'd of bought a windows phone!
  20. bobsuruncle

    bobsuruncle Newbie

    Hi, have exactly the same problem with Market doing an auto update of itself and would like to use your suggested fix. I don't know anything about ADB programming and have just rooted my phone over the weekend. Could you pls provide the exact steps to get to "pm disable com.android.vending.updater"? Thank you.

    Edit: have read multiple threads and have put together the following steps below which worked for me.

    1. with phone turned on normally (in Redux 1.2) and Market v3.1.5 uninstalled and rolled back to Market v2.3.3 and Force Closed
    2. enable USB Debugging
    3. disable "Fastboot" (not necessary with Redux1.2)
    4. connect via USB cable
    5. place in "Charge Only" mode (not necessary with Redux1.2)
    6. from computer go to Start, type "cmd". I have set up my ADB pre-rooting, so I assume the next steps should be to type in:
    7. "adb devices" <enter> and my device serial number appears
    8. "adb shell <enter>
    9. now I get a "#" sign (if you get the $ sign, type "su" <enter> and you should see the "#" sign)
    10. type "pm disable com.android.vending.updater" <enter>
    13. close cmd window
    14. unplug phone
    15. turn off phone
    16. turn on phone
  21. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    Look two comments up of mine, exact steps are there.
    No need for adb just download terminal emulator on your phone from the market. Then follow the rest of the steps.

    No need to have your phone plugged in or anything like that.
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  22. DesireMe

    DesireMe Android Expert

    True, never had a single crash and i actually prefer it to the green one.
  23. womb raider

    womb raider Android Enthusiast

    Thanks! I'm not rooted tho :(
  24. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Android Expert

    Oh, Im sorry then that's the only way i know.
  25. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Member
    Thread Starter

    I updated my Gingervillain to version 3.1

    After all that is done, New Market version is now running fine... so far.

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