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Marquee LG hidden menu gone after ZVC?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nuskfc, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. nuskfc

    nuskfc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Seems some submenus are removed?

    Can anyone confirm? I am using sprintupdate.zip method with root. Thanks!

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  2. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    A few hidden menu codes like the ##PORT# code will stop working with the new rom, but others will still work. Did you try all the common ones? ##DATA# still worked last time I had the rom installed. So hidden menu should still work.
  3. nuskfc

    nuskfc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am using the launcher pro way to do forced roaming and tether. Now both short cuts show "Application is not installed on your phone" when clicked.

    "Data setting" is still in the hidden menu, but "Network setting" is missing.
  4. asadullah

    asadullah Android Enthusiast

    They definitely removed some things such as cdg2. Which is needed to get data working on virgin mobile if you flash t the phone. You can go back to the other ROM to force roam just by doing a Madrid before you flash the new ROM and go back and fou. rth i know my setting has Stade in tact after
  5. jojocat

    jojocat Newbie

    You can still get to the data settings, but you have to make the activity launcher item at a higher menu level:

    I did the update and the launcher item to access the LG hidden menu data settings stopped working for me too.

    I found, though, that I could create a new launcher item for activities->com.lge.hiddenmenu->LG Hidden Menu(.LGServiceHiddenMenu_Settings) to access the menu one level up and select "Data Settings" and then the DUN NAI setting. ICS then works as it did before the update.

    I am rooted, but I don't think it matters in this case. I'm using ADW Launcher EX to create the Activity launcher item.
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  6. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    he never said he was using a rom. just used asadullah's update
  7. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member

    What app are you using for the wifi tethering?
  8. asadullah

    asadullah Android Enthusiast

    Search the market (or play store whatever googles calling it) for tethering widget. Get the one by HiDevelop. Long press your home screen and select tethering widget and choose small or large if you choose small the select wifi. Then it will put a widget on your home screen tap it and give it a sec. Hotspot will turn on and have the settings in the notification bar.

    I'm running stock sprint updated rooted with my own boot.img and alot of bloat removed
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  9. nuskfc

    nuskfc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot! That works great! Now the only problem is force roaming...

  10. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member

    What settings did you do in the hidden menu to get the wifi to work? I'm getting an error code 67 unable to establish wireless data connection.

    EDIT: Never mind... my DUN NAI setting was still set to Yes. I changed it to No and it works fine. I must have tried to play around with Blood's kernel and when I restored, it was using one of my older restores, which has DUN NAI setting still set to Yes. Thanks. I'm going to see if USB tethering works.
  11. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    I found the hidden menu item for force roaming. When adding a custom shortcut and using a custom action like mentioned by the above post, scroll down the long list of hidden menu items until you find network select and use that to select the "roam preference".

    I tried it and it worked for me. I can force my boost phone to roam with it. I get a message from verizon's system avout not having an account thus can't make calls or use data since boost disables roaming on their end. They don't allow other carriers to access my account info, which is likely how they disable it.

    But it should definitely have the intended effect on Sprint phones.

    I took screenshots on where to find the menu and can post them tomorrow since I'm using my phone right now to post this reply. There are many other phone settings that can be found this way so becareful not to chane something you don't understand or you can potentially really f***k up your phone. Since it accesses the hidden menu directly it will never ask for your msl code so you don't even need to know the code to change things. Heck there's even a hidden menu item that lets you chane the phone's spc (msl) code FROM WITHEN THE PHONE.

    Will post more on it in the morning. :)
  12. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    lol Wish I found out about this super secret section of hidden menu a long time ago. Might have helped me fixed the first phone that had the network problems. Most of the things in the "CDG2" hidden menu contain LOTS of things normally found by editing them with QPST. Now I only looked at most of the settings. Since I have a working phone and don't want to have a not working phone, I did not mess with most of the settings so user beware. :p

    In service programming you can find a "Phone Reset" option. So if your phone is screwed up in a manner similar to how mine used to be, then it "might" help fix it. The phone's mode for data can also be found in here. Mine is set to "Digital Hybrid" which was a setting I tried forever to find via the normal dialer code methods for my broken phone. It may have solved the 1x issue I had near the end of my work with that phone, but now it's irrelevant due to having a new phone. :p

    Anyway here's the screenshot by screenshot instructions on how to add this kick-ass hidden menu settings with the menu option to select circled in red: (You must have ADW Launcher or else you won't have the option of creating custom shortcuts like what's about to be shown)

    Step 1:


    Step 2:


    Step 3:


    Step 4:


    Step 5:


    Step 6: Profit!

    Now any one know of a app that can create custom shortcuts in a manner similar to how ADW Launcher does it? I am currently using ZV4 Murky Beats 1.2 and I rather like the Xperia launcher so I don't want to keep ADW for this. :p

    Also note that this method does not appear to require root (since I did not see any Superuser prompts). I also did this on MB 1.2 rom so I don't know if this will work with stock rom or not since I have not tested it in stock rom. :p

    If you scroll further down the list of hidden menu sub menus, you will find an alternate version of "Network Select" that will have a P_Rev and EVDO_rev option. Not sure what these did. Only setting I tested was EVDO_rev (which changes the revision of EVDO?). It did not have any effect and phone status still shown the EVDO revision A when I had changed it to B. So it does not seem to hold that setting or perhaps it's network related and there's no EVDO_B towers in the area so it keeps the rev A setting. Not sure what it is, so I don't know. :p

    If you look in the CDG2 menus, you will find a SPC code setting which appear to allow you to change your SPC code for the phone. Since I kinda like my SPC code and for safety sake, I did not test this setting. So there's a chance it serves a different purpose, but most likely changing the SPC is what it does. :p

    The CDG2 menu does not appear to have a dialer code associated with it (that I know of? At least for Boost phones there isn't), so this is the only current way of getting to that menu. ;)
  13. nuskfc

    nuskfc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Unfortunately all the CDG2 items except Data are missing from Sprint ZVC.

  14. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

    My 3G doesn't work even after changing the hidden menu settings it still won't connect....
  15. kcufdb8

    kcufdb8 Lurker

    I was able to get to my NUI settings but was not able to find anything for roaming.. my phone is not rooted and has been updated. the service provider is sprint, any help is appreciated to help force roaming thanks
  16. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    Hmm sifted through the available actions in "AnyCut" and found a hidden "SIP Settings" menu that appears to allow me to use Wifi to make calls if I have a SIP account. Any one here that could make use of that? :D
  17. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    For others reference:

    Setting up sipdroid and pbxes.com
  18. cb526

    cb526 Member

    I'm looking to try and force roaming but I cannot come up with any way to access it. I'm running Blood's new SPRINT ZVC release w/ the .2 kernel.

    I'm using ADW (paid version) and was able to get to the data settings hidden menu via jojocat's instructions above, but I can't seem to find anything re: roaming in it. I followed Apache's directions to find the CDG2 but I don't have an entry that is exactly the same. There is an entry that has CDG2 in it (it looks slightly different from what Apache posted) and I've tried creating a shortcut to it but pressing on the shortcut does nothing.

    Anybody have any thoughts as to how I can access the force roaming or is it possible that it's been fully removed on the new Sprint ZVC release?
  19. AngelliX

    AngelliX Lurker

    Same here was able to get ot lg marquee menu and disable dan nui but 3g wont connect after i do that
  20. Nooski

    Nooski Android Enthusiast

    Bump. How to get 3G working?

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