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Massive Problem!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jefflikesbagels, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    So, I was rooting my friend's Tmobile Samsung Vibrant, and started renaming some of the bloatware on it. I renamed the .apk files to .apk.bak. I was thinking, when the 2.2 update comes around, I could just do:

    mv *.apk.bak *.apk

    So that it'll rename all of the uninstalled apps back to .apk, thus reinstalling them.

    Well, this ended up removing ALL of the .apk files! Now his phone is bricked, and I don't have root access anymore? How can I get all of the phone's .apk files back?

    This is a time-sensitive problem, so I need help ASAP! Thanks!

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  2. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

  3. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    Here's my problem. Windows XP is indicating unknown drivers for "Gadget Serial". I'm currently downloading the Samsung Skies program, but it's taking for goddamn ever with all the downloads it's doing. If I don't get this done tonight, I'm screwed.

    It shows Gadget Serial when I have the phone in Download mode.
  4. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

    Im not sure what "it" is. are you trying to put the files back on, or use a recovery rom?
  5. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    Okay, now I've gotten to the point where ODIN detects it. However, it keeps getting stuck at file analysis! I told him to restart the phone, but now it has a picture of the Android and a computer!
  6. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

    So, heres the fun part. sit back, grab a beer. From what i have read it rarely works the first time. superstisiously, while waving a chicken bone in the air.

    restart the computer.

    download mode for phone

    open odin, insert proper files

    pull usb from pc ( not phone )

    replug usb

    press start

    try this 3 or 4 times, if not repeat over
  7. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    okay i got the flash to work! But now the friend said that it's sitting at the Samsung screen! How long should it be at that screen?
  8. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    We gave up. He's going to call T-mobile and ask for a replacement. We'll see how it goes.
  9. spiz

    spiz Android Expert

    LOL make sure he comes up with an excuse like, "phone randomly turned off and I can't get it back on..."

    If he mentions rooting, he's stuck with it. Doesn't sound like it's bricked though.
  10. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

    Good Luck with Tmo, If you are getting Odin to flash you are very close, i believe. Try flashing eugene's froyo rom and then downgrading, people are having sucess doing that.

    bricked?!? -SOLVED- - xda-developers
    another good thread on being a mason.
  11. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    Well he said that they were going to give him a replacement, and take a look at the old one. They shouldn't be able to find anything if I've already repartitioned/flashed it, right?
  12. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast

    I read somewhere Odin doesn't work (gets hung up) on a 64bit but will work on a 32.
  13. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

    Odin works fine ( ish) on a 64 bit win 7 machine. I am using win 7 pro on a dual opti rig, and after some patience, and forum digging, was able to get my phone and pc to cooperate.

    Getting ready for Android development - Mike Plate

    helped me alot. I am on my first rooted android, and found this information fairly easily.
  14. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    Well, they should be replacing his phone on Monday, so that means I still have a chance tomorrow.

    Where can I download Eugene's 2.2 Froyo ROM for the T-mobile Samsung Vibrant? Is it as simple as downloading the .tar file and using that in ODIN, then using the 2.1 ROM after that?
  15. spiz

    spiz Android Expert

    Considering you guys screwed up the first one, I wouldn't recommend jumping straight into an unfinished ROM that doesn't have a lot of support at the moment.

    If you must root it, see the stickied threads in this forum or head over to XDA and read more.
  16. jefflikesbagels

    Thread Starter

    Well I'm sure he his out of the rooting business after what we've been through.

    Can I be absolutely certain that the T-mobile/Samsung people won't find any evidence of rooting, since I've already reflashed/repartitioned the phone? If they find out, he's screwed.
  17. Killing Hours

    Killing Hours Newbie

    As was posted in the first first reply to your original post... this topic that I've posted here puts the "original" rom (Tmobile) back on the phone as it was shipped. This "should" be the answer to your latest question. (putting the phone back to out of the box state)

    I tried to get the most relevant information and post it all in one thread for people in your situation. (I was there too)


    Please read the entire quoted text... I've got the "fixes" for some of those issues you had in there.

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