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Mastering Juice Defender

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gods_Pianist, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Gods_Pianist

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    hey there, JD usersl
    I'm a JD user myself on my HTC Desire C. I installed that beta version from the playstore, and since i have no creditcard to pay for the ultimate version, i earched for the apk on google. now i have JD ultimate beta 3.9.4.i've been using this for almonths now), agressive advanced profile mode so i can customize my apps. JD helps my battery, really, mostly at 1.something %. then there was i time that battery stats in JD was N/A (ouldn't be accessed, then when i accessed it at last, i got a whoopin' 2.22%. i was happy about, but then, the stats won't stay at that constant value. is there a way to keep my battery at that x2 range? coz as of now, it's sticking at the 1.something range.:)

    P.S: as of now, i uninstalled my JD Beta that kept the Ultimate running and replaced it with the JD free, coz i read from the playstore, a note from the developer that JD beta got a few bugs and the JD free is more stable, so now, it's JD free+ultimate for me. i will observe my phoe again.

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