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MasterKey and VV4/VV5?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spec2nirvash, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Spec2nirvash

    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Hey guys-

    Good luck finding this MasterKey tool... I've spent the last couple of hours trying to hunt it down with no luck. Dead links, links that actually DO work go to original site that is totally useless. XDA banned users from posting links to this tool kit quite some time ago, perhaps they knew something bad about it way before the recent mass panic over the "bug".

    On another note, I'm officially giving up on this futile search for VVx firmware root exploit. I'm more concerned with getting CM10 to work. All that is needed is a way to read UICC card and configure data setings/APNs. I'm willing to spend what LITTLE time I have trying to find a patch for our CM10, NOT a root for crappy, archaic GB firmware. Google probably holds most, if not all of the answers we seek for CM10. If anybody wants to join me in the quest for CM10 data, let me know. PG and Shabby are busy with other projects. Shabby and LDrifta both have no Connect to work with and Kanaida.... LOL, like the sasquatch, is rarely spotted. So, I wouldn't just wait around in hopes of one of them jumping in and completing our CM10; they need help looking for a fix.

    In closing, summer is here, I have 3 kids out of school, a full time job, wife, rats, a cat and 2 vehicles that all need my love and attention right now, so spare time for me is almost non-existent for the next few months. I will try to help out where and when I can with CM10 fix. IF anybody finds this elusive masterKey tool kit, I'll try it out if y'all are worried over the security bug or if you REALLY must have rooted VV5, and as long as it's still legal to even possess such tools now LOL....


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  2. SegamanXero

    SegamanXero Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks for the heads up... It is honestly for the best that they banned all links to it. Even thought it has the potential to get us root, it is very very dangerous.

    Getting CM10 to read the UICC card, and other things situated with CM10 will be for the best. No matter the outcome, thanks for you, and everyone else who has devoted blood sweat and tears into this. Metro as expected left us in the dust, and anything the community can do is most appreciated in my eyes.
  3. zandersig

    zandersig Android Enthusiast

    I have a guy that is looking through his old files for the "Bonsai MasterKey Tool Kit", hopefully he can find it in his stack of CD's.... :)
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  4. PopASmurf

    PopASmurf Lurker

    I been lookin too, wanna try n root vv5.. :smokingsomb:
    FYI: I'm sure you've all seen the new BlueBox MasterKey Scan App?

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