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Math Alarm Clock NG: Stimulate Your Mind & Kick Start Your Morning

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PerplexMyCortex, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. PerplexMyCortex

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    Jun 9, 2010

    Jun 9, 2010
    Math Alarm Clock NG Review

    If you're anything like me, getting out of bed is one of the most difficult parts of the day.
    You deliberately set your alarm to go off at least half an hour earlier than when you really need to get up, just so you can hit snooze several times before dragging yourself out of bed in a barely-conscious haze.
    Math Alarm Clock aims to fix this type of behavior by providing simple, yet mentally stimulating questions to help you wake up.
    This version also works on non-google phones.

    It was a great surprise to me when I discovered that nobody had yet made a review on AndroidApplications for the Math Alarm Clock NG App.
    I quickly jumped at the opportunity because this application has saved me from a terrible cycle of sleep, and I HIGHLY recommend it.
    Read ahead if you wish to hear why.

    Overview & Information
    Name: Math Alarm Clock NG

    Dev: AV Productions

    Price: $1.99

    QR Download Code

    Math Alarm Clock is an innovative and highly thought-out app. The idea is as follows.
    You set-up the alarm clock for a certain time, presumably the next morning.
    When that time arrives your phone will begin making loud noises, not dissimilar to the chirping of a bird stuck in blender.
    If set, it will ramp up in loudness until you of course, hit Snooze.
    However once you bring your attention to the screen, to your dismay, you'll find a grayed out snooze button coupled with a math equation!

    Now, depending on how you have set up the alarm, you may:

    -Solve a math equation and snooze for a bit longer.

    -Solve 2 (or more) math equations and disable the alarm.

    -Simply hit snooze if you have set it up to bypass math equations.

    -Chuck your phone out the window!! (ouch)

    Options & Customizability

    At first glance this app looks like every other alarm clock out there.
    Don't let the simple user interface mislead you.
    This app has a truly unbelievable amount of options and customization features available.
    Just looking at the changelog it is obvious that the developers made this app the best it could be.

    Now we'll take a look at these amazing options which will help you fully understand how much this app has to offer.

    NOTE: All these settings can be customized individually for each alarm!
    Or you can set the general settings which are then automatically applied to new alarms.

    Alarm Volume
    You have 4 settings to choose from, anywhere from "very low" to "high".
    If you are a heavy sleeper choose the high setting!

    Volume Ramp Up
    This is the length of time before the volume reaches max level. You can choose from 0 seconds up to 120 seconds.

    Length of Time Before Alarm Times Out
    This is the amount of time after the alarm begins that it stops.
    From 5 Minutes to Never.
    If you REALLY need to get up, set it to never!

    How Many Times Alarm Can Be Snoozed Before Solving Math
    This one is straight-forward, anywhere from 0 to 6.
    A great feature if you want to snooze a couple of times before needing to do a math problem.
    I set it to 1, so the first time it goes off I can hit snooze before bleeding from the ears. The next time I have to solve an equation!

    Number of Math Problems to Solve Correctly In A Row
    Ranges from 1-6. You can choose to solve more than one problem to successfully snooze.

    Math Difficulty
    e.g. 37+10 25+23 44-41

    e.g. 35+64+64 89-(92-53) 52+14+51

    e.g. [(3x6)-(2x7)]-(3x4)

    e.g. (12x13)-(14x12)

    Snooze Settings
    *Snooze the alarm by flipping the phone TWICE
    *Snooze the alarm by shaking the phone -Difficult but the shaking will wake you up
    *Snooze the alarm by shaking the phone lightly -Tends to work better
    *Large snooze button -Increases size of snooze button

    Alarm Tone (Ringtone)
    You can choose a specific song or even playlists that you have set up.
    You may also randomize a song based on the specific album or artist!

    A couple more settings that need less explanation:
    *Disable Math -Great option if you just want to use this as a regular alarm.
    *Disable Nap Math -Disables math when using the nap feature.
    *Dismiss requires one more math problem than snooze
    *Increment number of equations to solve after each snooze
    *Multiple choice -The answers you choose is multiple choice
    There's also an option which, when set, disables the alarm if snooze is hit so you can solve the equation in peace.

    Quick Power Nap Feature
    Theres a button on the top of the main app page that says quick power nap.
    This great feature is for when you want to take a quick little nap but dont really want to make a new alarm.

    Just click on the "custom" button on the top center and you can create a quick nap alarm.

    You can choose anything from 2 minutes to 240 minutes for your power nap.

    You can create a home-screen shortcut, so that you wont have to go through these settings again!
    Just give it a tap when you wanna take a nap!


    *Truly extensive amount of customization, PLENTY of options
    *Different levels of math difficulty
    *Great way to keep your brain active
    *Works well to wake you up and energize you in the mornings
    *Simplistic UI
    *UI is very similar to the stock android alarm app

    *No clock on the actual app
    *Simplistic UI (This is both a pro and a con, depending on the user)

    Summary & Conclusion
    This alarm is probably like nothing you have used before.
    If you are looking for an alarm that will really wake you up in the mornings,
    or at any time of day for that matter, then this is the alarm for you.
    Definitely one of the better alarm apps out there.
    Everybody should spend the $1.99 and give this app a shot.
    It will be worth it!

    Recommendation: Yes! I recommend this app to anyone.



  2. muzikjay

    muzikjay Newbie
    Apr 9, 2010

    Apr 9, 2010
    great review! I'd download this if I wasn't broke haha. I need an app like this to stop going back to sleep so i can be on time to school lol =D

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