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Maxx HD received, anybody have questions?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Xelios, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Xelios

    Xelios Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I went into my store right when they opened and now I'm sitting here with my Maxx HD. Anybody have any questions about it? I'm going to post a small writeup on my first day with the phone later as I have classes, but I'm willing to answer anything anybody wants to know about it. Just throwing it out there.

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  2. Blue218

    Blue218 Android Enthusiast

    I am very interested in your write up....reception....speed....build.....all of it. Thank you.
  3. Dnomac

    Dnomac Newbie

    How is the reception; does it have the same issues as the M? Also, I've read discouraging reviews of the camera. Have you had a chance to test it out (as compared to the S3 or IP5)? Thanks, looking forward to your write up!
  4. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    How much of the memory is allocated to apps? In app settings at the very bottom it should tell you how much is used and how much is available.
  5. ALurker

    ALurker Well-Known Member

    I have similar concerns with the camera and reception. First impressions on those 2 things would be helpful. Do you have any more data loss or dropped calls as compared to your current phone? Can you recreate the supposed "death grip" issue?
  6. taxiron1

    taxiron1 Well-Known Member

    What phone are you coming from ?
  7. Dee1981

    Dee1981 Newbie

    Coming from a Droid X this is a BIG difference , its very smooth ,fast & the brightness isnt bad at all. I have yet to discover everything it has to offer, only thing is that its already warm from charging and usage i hope this isnt an issue later on when I really push the phone, my droid x would reset itself when it would get too hot . I had to pay the $707(including tax) for the phone just so i didnt loose the unlimited data . so far its got my attention and im happy with it .
  8. Dee1981

    Dee1981 Newbie

    Just did that no issues whatsover so far, also im in the basement and no dropped calls or loss of signal. calls came in loud and clear!
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  9. ORD84

    ORD84 Well-Known Member

    The camera seemed very good I took a picture of a document in low light conditions and it took a picture that's on par what id expect from my Photon.
  10. Dnomac

    Dnomac Newbie

    Played with the Razr HD for about an hour today. This thing is sweet. I'm a huge fan of the new Blur. The screen is really nice and the construction of the phone is superb. If I had to criticize, I would say that the on-screen buttons eat up screen real estate, unless it is playing video. Also, I'm not sure about the camera. I took some test photos, but you can only test so much in a store tethered to the table. It seemed to take a little time to focus and take the picture once I tapped the button. However, these were minor issues. I plan on buying this beast tomorrow and throwing the iphone on craigslist.

    I went from the Droid X to the IP4 and look forward to moving back to Android. It has come a long way in the last 12 months!
  11. Dnomac

    Dnomac Newbie

    Also, I was seriously on the fence btw this and the S3. Other than the camera on the S3, I preferred this in every other aspect.
  12. Xelios

    Xelios Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Alright sorry I took so long, just made it home. So here's the deal.

    Just FYI I'm moving up from a Droid X, so this is indeed a big upgrade. This phone is fan-freaking-tastic. Bottom line. Also the alternate upgrade deal works to keep unlimited just so you guys know.

    The build quality, absolute top notch. The Verizon guy who activated it for me was even surprised. There's a few small things though. The Kevlar back is superb. Love it. Not as grippy as I imagined though to be honest, but it feels great. The button on the side are also aluminum, machined or brushed not really sure. The power button has grooves cut into it so you can grip it just fine. Volume rocker has notches on the end so you know the limits of it when reaching blindly. Really a nice touch in my opinion. The placement is a bit off from my Droid X though so it's taking a big of getting used to, but that's just a personal thing. Easily accessible when the phone is gripped in your hand.

    This phone is also very smooth. Few and rare jitters, but it only happened to me when the phone was coming from the screen off mode. That's understandable. But again, few and rare, it happened twice.

    I know people are concerned about the reception, it's damn near perfect. Never had a signal issue with my DX but this is even better. Full bars everywhere except at home (is this normal? Happened with my DX too). 4G speeds are exceptional too.

    This was my download speed at school: http://i.imgur.com/cp8Am.jpg

    At home it's still very quick but like I said, the bars are low at home. Averages 9mb/s down and 12 up.

    Call quality is exceptional. This thing sounds clear as hell. Both on the receiving and sending end (so I've been told on the sending end, my friend said it sounded great, better than the DX). I've only had 1 dropped call in my 2 and a half years with my DX so I'll assume at this point the radio is just as good if not better. No issues yet.

    No death grip as well. I wrapped both my hands around the unit to test the signal loss, only dropped one bar. I'm not sure how the dBm stuff works so if someone would explain it to me, I'll be more than glad to test it out.

    Someone asked about the memory allocated to apps. I can ballpark it at 26GB available after activating it. Thing is, all my apps started downloading as soon as I put my google account on so I can't say with complete certainty, sorry about that.

    Okay for the camera, I was unfortunately unable to take a lot of pictures. I was running late to class so I grabbed a quick picture of my bike while it was warming up in my garage. When the light is low, it tells you to shoot an HDR pic. So I tested it out, along with normal shots. I didn't upload them to an album sorry, I'm running on a tight schedule now so seperate links.


    Didn't move an inch, so you guys be the judge of that. First one is the HDR pic.

    As for indoor camera shots, I grabbed another shot of my helmet.


    Personally I think the camera is just fine. I'll get more pictures tomorrow though. Didn't get too indepth in the software though so I can't test it.

    Think that covers it. Had one random reboot though. I'll be back to comment more 5ish hours if I missed anything. Sorry I wrote this in a rush. Any more questions, ask away.
  13. ALurker

    ALurker Well-Known Member

    I agree. I stopped and played with both HD's and I liked them even more than I thought I would. Took several pictures and thought the quality was surprisingly good.
  14. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Thanks for the write up.

    About the death grip. I dont really care about wrapping hands around the phone. I could get my Droid 1 and X to do the lose bars, signal....if I held it with a vice like smothering grip ...lol. Took 2 hands to get the Droid 1 to lose bars, signal.

    If it doesnt happen when placing a finger on the side(s) of the phone at the separations, ala iPhone 4 Antenna Gate...I'm all good. Seeing as you wrapped hands around the phone, I take it its not Antenna Gate Moto Style.

    With you coming from DX, how would say the brightness is? And from those shots...I dont like HDR. It looks like it makes stuff blurry. A guy at another forum said basically the same thing. I''m no camera guru. And that was a real nice pic of the helmet to me.
  15. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Compared to the S3 while in the store:

    Build: Razr wins
    Speaker: Razr wins
    Display: GS3 wins

    Seems just a fast as the GS3. This is the only stuff I checked, since the display is wasted realestate for me.

    As mentioned before, too easy to press the on screen buttons. Display quality seems the same, but usable display for apps is almost the same last years Razr.

    If you can handle the on screen nav bar, nice device.
  16. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    The picture quality of samples from Xelios looks very decent. Looks better than any other Moto phones.

    I had play with new Razr HD phones at my verizon store today. It's very nice phone overall. I especially like smooth back surface profile without camera hump unlike previous gen Razrs. At this store signal strength was on par with GS3 next to it, but speed test results were a little slower. If I have to choose, I would go with non-maxx HD. I think S4 chip with 2530mAh is more than enough for a day and don't think extra 770mAh, 16Gb is worth $100 more.
  17. ORD84

    ORD84 Well-Known Member

    Sitting at my store playing with both side by side the RAZR had better reception, so far I've seen nothing but goodness from mine...

    Hell the battery lasted 4+ hours playing videos after I left the store...this battery is ridiculously long lasting so far which is the chief quality I was looking for...
  18. Xelios

    Xelios Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Alright I'm back. Had a few things I wanted to mention in that writeup that I didn't have time to. Bear with me, this will be a bit long.

    Addressing jroc: I just put my fingers all over the seperations and no real signal loss. Had a bar drop at a point but I'm not sure if thats because I moved the phone a bit or my finger. Couldn't recreate it though. As for the screen, I can see why people say it's a bit oversaturated. Personally I like it, makes the colors more vibrant. The DX looks washed out compared to it. That's all preference though. No PenTile pixelation issues either. Couldn't notice anything of the sort. Brightness is great, I love it. I didn't get much outdoors use though because as I said earlier I was running late to class. Will reply again tomorrow concerning that, along with daylight pictures for people to see.

    So it's time for the battery results. I didn't want to do it earlier because my day technically wasn't over and Moto claims it an all day phone. Put it simply, it sure as hell is.

    Upon getting my phone I brought it home and charged it from it's stock 40ish charge to 72 before heading to school. I was amazed every time I checked the battery. I had my bright on about 75% and burned through data like mad for 2 hours. I really didn't hold back, I had my phone in my hand not even setting it down or turning the screen off. Few 1 or 2 minute phone calls, text messages, streaming music, etc. It was at 60 percent or so after those 2 hours. I was impressed coming from my DX, which might have been down to 40. Along with streaming music. I downloaded an album and listened to that for about 3.5 hours while still picking up my phone every 10 minutes or so and doing stuff. Had a genuine hard time killing this battery. When I got home I had just about 40 percent left, and thats when I wrote that earlier bit. Went back out without charging, lots more data burned through, youtube videos, shazam'ing songs, usual stuff. I came in at 20 percent left. All in all, excellent battery life.

    I took a pic of my battery results here. Thankfully I can extend this battery life even more by not using the screen so heavily. I think it's exceptional considering how heavily I tasked the phone today.

    Now for the things I don't like.

    Okay so to start off, the metal banding around the phone. It's nice. It has a great look, great feel, etc. The issue I have is the corner pieces. Take a look at this picture. They aren't completely flush with the band. Not such a big deal I mean, I personally don't care. But as a premium device, maybe that should have been addressed? I dunno, just my opinion. It's not that its completely off, they're close to being flush though. Again let me reiterate it's not a huge issue, it's just something I noticed.

    The SIM tray removal tool you get with it, keep it for sure. I havent attempted a paper clip or anything but I'm sure they'll work. Still, if you need to change your microSD card, you'll need something like it. Not just to open the tray, but to get the card out. It's seated in an ejector slot, the push in to insert, push in to eject thing. The problem is the push in to insert is a far travel from the outer body of the phone. This makes the push in to eject a bit more difficult. I couldn't do it with my nails although girl nails could definitely do it lol. Nitpicky issue, but I think it's good for you guys to know.

    Regarding the random reboot issue I mentioned, it happened when I uninstalled lightflow. So maybe thats app related? Didn't have an issue since. Definitely will look into it for sure though.

    Here's another. When I'm playing music and the screen is off, if I hit the wake button, the sound will be replaced by a buzz lasting maybe a tenth or two tenths of a second. Might be a software issue, the jack is solid from what I can tell. Best quality jack I've seen atleast haha.

    Googlerola also includes a sound effect/EQ thats preset on for some unforsaken reason. It was driving me nuts. I listen to death metal and what was happening was the music would sound fine until the low vocal growls kicked in, which were not completely inaudible, but they were difficult to hear. It's in the sound options in the settings, its the 3D sound effect.

    Also I could NOT plug in my old SD card and be on my merry way. Not sure if this is common with all android phones that are newer, but there you have it. My 16gb from my DX wouldn't particularly be read. The folders that existed would show up, but they'd be fileless. I also transferred my library over to my 32gb and when I inserted that, same issue. Maybe its a format thing? I dunno. I'm transferring all my music over again via USB than a card reader this time, I'll be back to mention the results.

    Another thing is, I'm not really sure how this phone handles microSD cards. My card keeps showing up empty, 29.something GB free out of the same amount. I even downloaded an album on my card and had it running. It worked, but the storage option would still say the max amount free was the size of the volume. Weird issue. But again, I'm transferring my entire collection over so we'll see. The card is not the issue I know this for fact, it works on my brother's GS3.

    Here's another thing. The notification LED has a half-assed pulse. I'm not really sure how to describe this but here's my best shot. From full light the LED starts to fade out slowly but rather than actually fade till it's out, it fades like 25% and then goes out. I can tell by reading it over that this doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's really the best I can do haha. Sorry.

    Also FoxFi activates the network with no issues. Whether it actually works I can't test it yet sorry. But it doesn't give me any specific errors.

    All in all, minor nitpicks (other than the microSD but we'll see about that). I still say the phone was worth it though.

    Again if I've missed anything anybody has asked please do let me know, I'm willing to answer your questions.

    EDIT: Tested FoxFi. Network launches but can't use it. So that's a no go.

    Also the front facing camera is okay. I'm not really sure what the standards are for this these days, but it looks better than my netbook. If that means anything.

    Another thing I just remembered, the phone hit about 43C internal temperature. By no means was it hot to the touch. It was warm, but I didn't realize it was that high until my widget told me. Thought you guys would like to know.
  19. JimPap

    JimPap Newbie


    Nice review.
    One question I have is how well does the new HDs respond to drops. I don't expect you to go out and smash your phone....but maybe we can get Molly Wood to torture test one. Seems that the Galaxy SIII didn't do at all well while the iphone 5 did much better.
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  20. Xelios

    Xelios Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you.

    Yeah I won't be throwing my phone haha, but just by feel, it feels tough. I know that doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of actual durability, but atleast it inspires confidence, you know?

    Ok so I think I get this sd card thing now. So the phone classifies the internal storage as "sd card". Is this something that's new? It sounds strange to me. I used AndroZip to search directories and found that the sd card is called external1. So all my music is indeed on there. Now to find out how to get apps to access it.

    EDIT: Sidenote, that root by Dan Rosenburg? Works just fine. Had to run it 4 or 5 times but its working now!
  21. zbaba4

    zbaba4 Lurker

    Back to reception please........
    The best test to me is on comparative signal level on 4G in dbm, not bars or "no drops". You can get at it through settings. So can anyone test the Razr HD next to a different 4G phone at the same time/place ? This can easily be done at a Verizon store. I tested the Razr next to the Razr HD and they were the same (yeah !). I retested the razr M and confirmed it is 10 to 20 dbm lower. Hoping ther Razr HD does not have this problem. Also, the Razr HD did not drop signal level when gripped (like the M does).

    Specifically, at this VZW store the Razr showed -74 dbm, the Razr HD -76 dbm, and the razr M -84 to -91 dbm .

    I would like to get more confirmation compared to 4G phones. Thanks for the help.
  22. tbhausen

    tbhausen Android Enthusiast

    Good thread, guys... I'll be getting mine Monday, and I'll weigh in with anything I notice.
  23. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing when I was in the Verizon store with just the Razr HD and Razr HD Maxx. They were within 2 - 4 dbm of each other. I did NOT compare this to the M, however.
  24. axion419

    axion419 Lurker

    Can you explain this in detail? I have a Droid X on my unlimited family plan. I do not want to lose the unlimited data. I believe there are 3 smart phones and 2 dumb phones on the plan. My phone and another smart phone are due for upgrade. I believe one of the dumb phones is due for an upgrade as well. Thanks!
  25. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    I like the new quick setting page on the left end of home screens in new Moto UI.
    What happens if you install launcher apps like Nova, Apex? Is it still there and can you access it by swiping to the left end?

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