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Maxx Soak Test

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Old Member, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Old Member

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  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    This should Hypothetically make google wallet work without hacking
  3. Einsteindks

    Einsteindks Well-Known Member

    I was told early today. Breaking my promised silence AFTER they disclosed it. So much for being part of the soak test.
  4. speede541

    speede541 Android Enthusiast

  5. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

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  6. Old Member

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    Every one of us feels like the baby in this commercial and Verizon is the guy eating the Kit Kat. We are all dancing trying to get them to give us a little love. Can't wait!

  7. matt5951

    matt5951 Newbie

    Mine is downloading right now.

    On a related note, is there a way to get the new kit kat dialer for the Maxx? I downloaded the launcher, and thought I could do the same with the dialer, but want to be sure I don't screw anything up in the process.
  8. Old Member

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    Were you an official "soak tester" with an invite or just a lucky guy with a Maxx?
  9. Old Member

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    With the release of Kit Kat at the end of October, I honestly didn't expect to see our Maxx get the update until late winter early spring. I have made my thoughts known here and at other forums that there was NO WAY we'd see this update prior to the new year. I am wildly excited and impressed with this turn of events. Having said that, I now know what I'm having for dinner tonight:

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  10. Tedred1339

    Tedred1339 Newbie

    According to the PDF that is here, Hangouts is now the default text messaging app? Does this mean we will lose the motorola stock text messaging app?
    (Which I really like)
  11. Old Member

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    I don't think that will happen, but I could be wrong. I believe it is talking about the ability to set Hangouts as your default text messaging app.

    I have abandoned the stock messaging app as the Hangouts app was finally updated to include sms. I will be even happier when they finally give us the Apple upgrade including Google Voice.
  12. matt5951

    matt5951 Newbie

    Cincy...I was a soak tester before, but honestly I'm not sure if this is that or not. Some android websites say that the official rollout is happening right now, so who knows.

    I want to say I'm a lucky one, but it looks like my install crapped out the first time and now I'm stuck on the bootup motorola screen. Needless to say I'm a little worried.
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  13. Tedred1339

    Tedred1339 Newbie

    Interesting -- my phone (obv not on Kit Kat yet) has been notifying me to change to hangouts for texting for about a month.....even without kit kat. I really hope they plan on keeping the simple, stock app.
  14. Old Member

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    Without Kit Kat the best we can do with Hangouts is turn off notifications from the stock messaging app but you can't uninstall it or even disable it without Hangouts failing. From what I've read once 4.4 is here you can literally make Hangouts your "default" if you want to. (source)
  15. matt5951

    matt5951 Newbie

    Do NOT install this if you get the download...there apparently is a major issue where the download fails and you get stuck on the motorola screen. I got worried and searched the Moto Maxx forums and its happening to a lot of people.

    Be very glad you didn't get this yet!!!

    Edit to say that this appears to be random, so install at your own risk. There is no fix that I have found other than returning to Motorola or weaseling verizon to give you a replacement.
  16. chevyrado14

    chevyrado14 Well-Known Member

    im stuck in fastboot after trying to install the ota
  17. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    Were you rooted or did you root previously?
  18. matt5951

    matt5951 Newbie

  19. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert
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    Translation: those of us that didn't get it aren't going to get it for a while. Looks like there's a reason for soak testing. I can see new Droid Maxx's in line for those that already got it.

  20. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    mine downloaded and installed fine.
  21. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    I was one of the unlucky ones...bricked my phone. POS! There is a way to recover it with rsd lite and stuff like that which I have never used, but I want my phone back and am not big on sending it to Moto and waiting for a new (refurb) one to arrive. From the few who have gone this route to revive the phone, it puts you back to JB and when they've tried to pull the update, the phone says it's current. I am ok with that, as KK will eventually roll out to all of us, but what a bummer. (And no, I was not rooted prior to the OTA)

    I've done tons of soak tests, and even accepted OTAs on rooted phones in the past, so to have one brick a stock phone really blows
  22. matt5951

    matt5951 Newbie

    Mahers - you did the RSD method then? Was it easy? Verizon is shipping me a new phone, but due to the weekend I won't get till monday. Luckily I have an old droid x laying around that will get me by until then.
  23. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    Bugs seen so far:

    MMS issues with Wifi enabled - have to disable wifi for the messages to send or receive.
    4G not working - all of a sudden died on me earlier. Had to use LTE on/off to switch to 3g for it to work
    Freezing issues - just had the entire thing lock up and had to do a soft reset..

    No FDR done on it yet, giving it a few days of trying firsy.
  24. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    I am downloading the files I need now. I just got home and couldn't do anything at work

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