May Get Eris Again Tomorrow

I got the Eris on the first day and returned it due to poor battery life. I got my Dare turned back on temporarily. I then ordered an Omnia II, but never opened it. I think I am going to send it back and get the Eris again.
I didn't know there were applications to specifically address battery life.
Also, I didn't know USB cords for the Eris could be that cheap-I found them for $10 online. I can go ahead and get 3-4 of them and have one at home, one in the office, and one in my work bag just in case so that would alleviate most of my problems with regard to the battery dying so relatively quickly, at least for someone that has never used a smartphone.


I have had the ERIS since day one and i have to say the battery life has seemed to improve as I use it. But I also did the same thing you did. Keep a charger in the car, and at the office. I spend 80% of my day at my desk so, keeping it charged next to my computer is not an issue for me. I can go all day and not have to worry about running out of battery life. I also have one of those portable battery chargers I keep in my work bag just incase I am somewhere and need to get a little boost.

I think it really comes down to changing your thinking on these new smart phones they are so internet dependant that batteries are just not up to the task.

I came from a Palm Treo and could go several days with out charging even with push email, but that was the only communication it did with the internet. The ERIS keeps you so much more in touch with Facebook, Twitter, and other information.

If battery life was the only issue, I think you may be able to work around it

Good luck


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Also, I may get the battery for the Imagio-it first in the Eris and would give 15% more battery life. Will see if any news comes out about the Seido 1750 battery before I make that purchased.


USB cables are cheaper than that, even. Here's an OEM wall charger (includes USB) for $6.99:
OEM HTC Home USB Charger+Cable HTC DROID ERIS Desire - eBay (item 120493064109 end time Dec-14-09 05:51:55 PST)

I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered an extra OEM charger & car charger from Verizon when I ordered my Eris for $50. I should have just got them off the bay like this one. I wonder if I can just return them to a Verizon store for a refund.


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^Ah, we've all done that either with phones or something else. Live and learn.

Not sure if they would take it opened. Unopened shouldn't be a problem.