Root May have bricked phone?


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My friend showed me her phone today and its behaving weird. I don't have much experience with the samsung phones but I'm not totally ******ed. Here's what its doing:

Shes rooted but nothing else. No problems.
Today she said the buttons started behaving weird so she rebooted and it still had problems. She calls ATT support and they tell her do a factory reset. Ok. Reboots phone. It goes through the boot up animation and gets to the lockscreen supposedly fine. As soon as you swipe it the screen goes black and all you have it the notification bar. I figured out how to manually boot into the samsung recovery thingy by holding power buttons and pushing power. The options are just
Reinstall packages
clear cache
Format SD card

I figured I could just flash a new rom from there but no, error message when I try to reinstall packages. I did a cache wipe and then rebooted. No difference. She can receive calls but thats it. I can hook it to the computer via USB, that works as well.

Is this phone effed? Is there any way to manually install CWM and flash?

Any help would be appreciated Thanks!