Help Mcq tv ott box


I have purchased a box that has Kodi 15.2 Every time I go into Cody and try to do anything with it the box reboots itself or shuts off my TV after about 15 seconds so I can go to the ad source or somewhere else and Cody and start the process but then it just shuts off and starts back up I have a box that I bought that works very well and I was trying to just put Cody and a build on the little box for my grandkids and family and am very frustrated and about to throw the box out the window please help what a my doing wrong I've watched hours and hours Of YouTube videos and forums I've I need help
If its just when your on kodi thats messing up the box. Go to your android settings and then to apps and find kodi and clear the data. And try that cause it will make kodi reboot itself as if its the first time your booting it. And there is also a kodi update in the playstore kodi jarvis 16