Root md5 mismatch


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So i tried restoring a back up in recovery last night. When I clicked restore it said md5 mismatch. On all of my backups. Why? I haven't changed recoveries. I was on Oxygen trying to restore to MIUI.


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You changed the name of them? If so take any spaces out.
If that's not its, look at my profile and for a thread I started called md5 miss match, SUroot has a way to remake the check sum.


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Dirty unmount of the file system? Battery pull, loss of power, unplugged usb during data transfer or just one of those things that happens to removable flash media


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i also had this problem and found that if i nandroided with a warm phone (just charged or charging) it always caused this problem, and it was while i was running miui that it happened. there is an app for checking the md5, cant remember the name. i think its from using a cheaper sd card, mines a 16gb from play, cost me