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Me and my 2 week old DInc

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MFlash, Jun 2, 2010.

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    30- something woman in the burbs who loves tech stuff, but don't know nearly as much I want to know. The thrill is gone for the iPhone and my excitement now lies with my DInc.

    My DInc:

    A skimpy screen protector from Verizon
    A case that I like even though I don't use the holster (yep, from Verizon)

    I actually like my setup with live wallpaper (the one with the moving grass and animated weather/sun)

    I have a bunch of questions about what "rooting" means and how to combine and my old google calendar (@mac.com)with my new google account (gmail). I use Handcent and GV very regularly. The other apps seem to be super helpful and convenient. I still don't have an app killer, but I guess I haven't had battery problems yet. Speaking of apps...

    Google Voice - When can I send mms?
    Barcode Scanner - way more useful than I thought
    Battery Time Lite
    Beautiful Widgets
    bTunes - very familiar (used with iSyncr)
    Bump - not as useful as I thought
    Callend Vibrate
    CamCard Lite
    CardStar - the reason I didn't get anti glare
    Classic Simon
    Drive (Wikitude - beta) -
    Google Goggles
    Handcent SMS - iphone theme (I know, I know!)
    ISyncr for Mac
    NY Times
    Places Directory
    Same Colors - great way to waste time
    Skype Mobile - I never use it
    Talk To Me
    Word Drop - Boggle+Scrabble

    So there you have it. I love my DInc and I'm happy with the way it's running.


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