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"Me" entry in stock Contacts App

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CrockettGTO, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I haven't found an answer anywhere on this, maybe it's nothing that most people would care about? I dunno. Hoping someone can answer here.

    On the GS3, in the stock "Contact" application there is an entry for "Me". Why is there no way to link the "Me" contact record with my own Contact card that was pulled in from an address book sync through Kies?

    I mean, why do I have to create a completely separate version of my own contact card that won't sync across my other devices that may not have a similar "Me" feature in their native address book/contacts/people apps.

    I really have no interest in using Google+ or Google sync to store and sync my contacts.

    Out of all of the research I have conducted, the only reference I found to the "Me" feature was that it typically is an entry that is synced when signing up for one of these services and having a G+ or Google profile.

    Basically my only options are:
    1. Not bother with it and leave my own contact card as my default
    2. Create a complete copy of the existing address book entry for myself, use it for the "Me" entry and delete the original
    3. Sign up for G+/Google profile

    Is there any benefit to having the "Me" card setup as myself? Advanced sharing features or something else that is enabled with this?
    Any insight would be great.

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