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Media player on "Hero" not recognizing all my music!

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by djbon2112, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. djbon2112

    djbon2112 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of a problem with my phone (HTC Magic with a modded Hero ROM on it) and the music player in particular.

    I've got a ton of music on my SD card in my phone, approx. 6.5GB worth on an 8GB card. The problem is, the music players in Android (I've used the default, RockOn and MixZing, though I want to stay with MixZing) only recognize about 80% of the music, in their libraries. The thing is, the music is there! If I browse to the folder and launch the file it will play, but there's no artist/title data, even though all the files are properly tagged (mp3s), plus, it opens in a weird verion of the default music player that will stop playing if it loses focus.

    This has been a issue ever since I got this phone. It's a brand new SD card (my previous one, in addition to this problem, had major corruption issues; I originally thought it was the card but I guess that's not the case). Also, I've gone through two different ROMs (one when I first got the phone, and a second that I upgraded to about a month ago), so I don't think that's the issue. It seems to affect random folders (albums) at different times, whenever the library is refreshed, but I can't refresh the library manually (that I've found) to see if it's just not scanning those files, or if it's a more underlying issue. I'm stumped [​IMG]

  2. GnegSalaban

    GnegSalaban Newbie

    I am also having this problem with my Behold II. My music files show up correct on the SD card, but the artist for some files is displayed as unknown. A lot of album art is missing as well.

    I am currently (re)converting all my files to AAC format. I'll let you know if this solves the problem.
  3. GnegSalaban

    GnegSalaban Newbie

    All of my music is now listed correctly after I converted all of the music files into ACC format. Yay! :)
  4. Cropstar

    Cropstar Newbie

    Have you tried it with AAC+ format yet. I've got a load of lossless music I converted from flac into AAC+ (mp4 format) which worked on my previous Nokia N95 and Samsung Tocco (although the latter didn't read all the tags properly).

    Hoping to use 64k AAC+ and a 16gb/32gb card to stuff my phone full of music. Anyone know if the music player struggles with large numbers of files?
  5. GnegSalaban

    GnegSalaban Newbie

    In my experience with my Behold II, once the music player has completed scanning the media card and caching album art, it runs silky smooth.
  6. niki2kelly

    niki2kelly Lurker

    1.maybe the info of the your music is not complete~

    2.maybe the format of your music file cant be supported well by your default player(bitrate or something else),you can try to convert it to other format(MP3,AAC)
  7. HTCHero203

    HTCHero203 Newbie

    All my albums and artist is MP3s so i can put them on my hero when i get i get a chance. :p

  8. Cropstar

    Cropstar Newbie

    Right, since my last message now got Hero and loaded with music. Took quite a long time to cache the 227 albums I've got on my 8gb card atm but all the art shows, both in the album page and when playing.

    Card is full so getting a 16gb card; does anyone know if getting a Class 4 or 6 makes any significant difference when playing music. I use bluetooth headphones and most songs start with a slight stutter everytime. Not sure if that's to do with the firmware I'm running (1.5; got an error when installing the software on PC and not yet resolved it), bluetooth in general or the speed of the card reading the music/album art?
  9. mcolburn

    mcolburn Lurker


    I have a Sprint HTC Hero and music playback is fine except when streaming to bluetooth headphones. At the beginning of every song, there is a slight, but annoying perceptible stutter. Sometimes multiple stutters, all at the beginning. I suspect that there is some kind of data starvation going on, but I haven't a clue as to how to find it or fix it.

    Anybody got any idea?



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