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Anyone know of an app that allows media playback (music only is fine) over FTP. I've got a huge music collection on my home NAS and are going on holiday soon, I would like to be able to access my music and stream as I don't have much storage on my devices.
I've tried DicePlayer but it doesn't seem to have compatibility with many audio file types. Hence perhaps a dedicated music player app with FTP capability would be a better choice.


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I don't know of an app that does this, as most apps are geared toward google music, google drive, dropbox, copy, box, etc.

I would have to say the answer lies in the software capabilities of your NAS. If the software actually will allow your NAS to act as a cloud provider like any other and you can get your router set up properly, it _might_ work.

Otherwise, I guess google music is your only other alternative. I am sure you can upload your tunes to google music via your computer/NAS and not have to use your phone's storage in the interim.

good luck