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Media player playlist issue

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by David Doyle, May 7, 2019.

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    My son for Christmas gave me a newer version of the Android head unit he installed in his car that he loves. I am fairly new to android. Windows PC, home and work, and iPhone.

    I am having some problems that even my, cybersecurity student, son cannot figure out. One of the reasons he got this set up for me is I have a huge music collection and my mp3 player that I had in the car died. I copied all of my music (24,000 songs) and playlists from my laptop on to a 128gb microSD card formatted on the android first. Most playlists have into the multiple thousands of songs, one up to 9000 songs. The problem is, I have installed VLC, MediaMonkey and Blackplayer none of them see the playlists. Not cannot play them, cannot even SEE them. I have told each player to make its library using the external card, they find the music not the playlists. Open the playlist option in each player menu and it says “no playlists found”. If I search using ES file explorer, I can navigate right to the play list and see them, thinking like the windows person I am I double tap it but nothing happens. All the music is in a folder called "music" on the SD card. A folder “playlists” is in the “music” folder. The playlists are in m3u format. Created using playlist creator 3.6.2 in relative form, they have all forward slashes not windows back slashes. He formatted the SD card as external. The options for formatting said if formatted as internal (which I think would be better) the card could not be read by any other computer. Begs the question how to transfer the music to it then since it cannot be plugged in like a phone? Why are all 3 of these media players not seeing my playlists. I have found conflicting reports about VLC. One says with the way I have done everything and formatted the playlist VLC should play it another says that VLC playlists for android are exclusive to that machine and installation and will not even work if you uninstall and reinstall VLC. Given the size of these playlists recreating them on the unit will be next to impossible or take weeks, on a computer it takes hours to make the 9000 song list. I have searched and searched the internet tried everything I have found which isn’t much to no avail. Any one have any ideas as to why they are not seeing the playlists? I have other issues with playback on each player but will head the specific forums for those. Given it happens with all 3 and even the built in player I figure it has to be an issue with in the android software.

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    Could that be your problem? On this page about Playlist Creator 3.6.2, it says:

    "Thanks to Playlist creator you will be able to create M3U or PLS playlists for all programs which support them (Winamp or Windows Media Player)."

    I don't know if they're saying ONLY those two programs support its playlists, or if those are just examples.

    On that same site I looked for an Android version, and they appear to have an old one, v1.5 from 2015, but its page is in Chinese(?). I don't see it in the Play Store.

    I'm not familiar with M3U format playlists, so I don't know if other media players, besides the two named, can read them. I hope so. I can't imagine having to recreate them from scratch. :eek:
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    "Additionally, the program includes thousands of SHOUTcast radio stations"

    I remember now, it was SHOUTcast where I'd seen M3U. But that was over ten years ago for me.
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