Help Media player sometimes ignores track numbering

... when I say sometimes, I mean it's ok with most of my albums, but a few seem to have a problem, and whatever I do to the individual mp3's, nothing seems to fix the order :(

For instance, two albums that are currently broken:

The Wedding Present - George Best. The track 'A Million Miles' should be the 4th track in the album. It always shows up last.

Genesis - Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. The first 4 tracks are correct, but In The Cage should be 5th but is showing up 9th. Quite a few of the tracks are in the wrong order on that album.

I did wonder if it's albums with more than 9 tracks that are causing a problem, but other albums with lots of tracks are fine.

I've tried cutting and pasting them to my PC, amending the tags (both direct from Win XP Properties, and via Mp3Tag), renaming the files (adding / removing track numbers from the names)... but nothing seems to work. I've also edited the tags on the phone using iTag.

I see the same problem both in the stock Samsung player, and in UberMusic too.
The mp3's show in the correct order on the PC, in Windows Media Player.

Is there anything that can be done? My (brief) research suggests there have been ongoing problems with tags being ignored in Android phones, though generally more so with non-mp3 ones.

Any comments or help would be much appreciated!