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Media Selection Request failed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WHCL, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. WHCL

    WHCL Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Keep getting "Media Selection Request Failed" when I try and play BBC Weather on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini pro (Android 2.3). This worked fine until recently. Have updated Flash to 11.1 but this did not solve the error. BBC News video streams fine though. Any help appreciated.

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  2. Fiona23

    Fiona23 Lurker

    I too am getting this error message, even on the BBC news channel (haven't tried the weather page) yet used to always be able to watch it. Why am I unable to view this? Has anybody got any ideas? I'm at a loss. Thanks!! (forgot to mention I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray)
  3. barquerole

    barquerole Lurker

    Same here, using a Samsung Galaxy SII. Same problem on the weather page, too
  4. DCTEN

    DCTEN Well-Known Member

    You're not alone...HTC Desire HD has developed this problem on the news video feed :thinking::mad:
  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Android Expert

    Given the number of different phones/manufacturers that are experiencing this problem it appears to be an issue with a change made by the BBC. With this being the case it may be worth directing some questions in their direction to see if along with the change they have a possible fix or workaround for those who wish to make use of their service.
  6. dudos

    dudos Lurker

    Had this problem for a few months now. XPeria Pro. Tried Flash Player 10 & 11, factory reset on the phone. Nothing fixes it.

    Some video areas of the BBC site play ok (most of the main news itself seems ok), others don't (weather & sport).

    At the moment Live snooker streams are affected, which is the worse aspect of the problem for me right now :(

    Posted question to bbc technical queries via the web, doubt it will be answered, they must already know about this problem its not a small one!
  7. Lolpoppa

    Lolpoppa Lurker

    I've encountered the same issue on my Galaxy S2 since the ICS upgrade last week. Not all Flash content is affected as mentioned above but there definitely seems to be some incompatibility between BBC and Ice Cream Sandwich because BBC Iplayer is affected too when watching live tv. Maybe a codec issue because there is a picture but it's out of sync and stuttery (if that's a word?!).

    One solution I've found for BBC Flash content, be it weather, sport or indeed snooker streams is to go into browser settings and change user agent to desktop (on Dolphin HD) or request page as desktop (default browser) and reload the page and try again. It's a pain in the arse but it works. You do have to do it each time too - leaving the settings on desktop doesn't seem to work.
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  8. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Android Expert

    Cheers for the work around Lolpoppa, anyone else keen to confirm this as working?
  9. Nighthawke

    Nighthawke Lurker


    I upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich a week ago or so (using Kies) and had the problem watching the snooker on the bbc website.

    in ICS the browser is updated a little and in the setting there is an option to "request desktop site" which when ticked reloads the site to desktop and i can get the snooker, not tried the weather yet. annoying have to do it but it does work for me.

    i use the default brewer as find no problems with it since the update.
  10. bekkiee

    bekkiee Lurker

    I am using Kindle Fire HD, I had the same problem when trying to listen to BBC radio archived contents, I simply changed that thing in the settings of the browser as Lolpoppa suggested, and now all is working well. Thanks!

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