Help mediatek question


Why are people criticizing the mediatek helio x10 and the powervr g6200? I own the HTC One m9+ supreme camera edition, which has this chipset and gpu. And so far, I have not been running into any trouble. I think it has to do with optimization. This chipset and gpu are mostly bundled with mid-range and cheap devices. From manufacturers, who probably aren't optimizing their device software. I own Google play games like: rbi baseball 15, ff4, ff4as, gta:lcs, gta:vc, flashout 2, riptide 2, sonic 4 etc., and they all run perfectly. I also play these games on high settings (if the option is available). FYI: all these games are currently installed on my phone. I also tested asphalt 8 and modern combat, without problems. I also use emulators, and it runs powerful emulators like the reicast and PSP, smoothly. For the PSP, all I need to do is set the audio latency to low. Not every game runs perfectly, but I was surprised by how little, I had to tweak the settings, compared to other flagship phones. Other emulators like the drastic, all the games run perfectly, I just need to set the audio latency to low. Multitasking hasn't been an issue either. It seems to handle everything I do without lag or stuttering. It rarely (I mean rarely) has to reload an app. So far, no apps have crashed. So, I don't get it, what's all the hate on mediatek?