Meizu MX6 Flyme stuck with wrong firmware


im in australia. ive ended up with this chinese version of flyme on my phone. i am trying to install the international version
but everytime i begin the firmware install, it just halts after 1 minute and returns to the current version like nothing had happened.

i have tried several flyme global firmwares to install, they all halt after 1 minute and fail. when i try to install the firmware from the "safe mode boot" it tells me the "firmware is corrupt" and i cannot proceed.

the only firmware i have actually been able to update to is flyme beta

how do i get back to an international version!!!

p.s. ultimately, if its possible, i would like to remove flyme altogether and just run pure android.

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Also might be worth you looking or enquiring on Meizu's own Flyme OS forum.

In the past Meizu phones were pretty easy for swapping Chinese firmware for international versions, rooting, etc. Their current devices might be much more tricky however.
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i have just spoken with meizu. my phone was originally based on flymeA -chinese version and it is not compatible with flymeG global version. there is no way i can change to global version, however there is hope that the next update will have this ability