Memory card choice

Wanting to get a 32GB card for my Transform and wanted your thoughts. Figured on getting a class 10 card because they are supposedly the fastest available. The only 2 that I see are the Patriot and Lexar. And the Lexar isnt out yet. Anyone have good success with other classes of cards that are 32GB?
Look what's in my signature, get that. If you know who I am you won't ask questions as I test them lol have my benchmarks posted all over the web from various mSD companies. But if you need more data check me out.

Patriot LX 32GB Class 10
Avg read = 15-16mbps
Avg write = 13-14mbps

Price is only $99. So get that and stay away from SanDisk class 2 and Kingston class 4.


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I had seen your signature and that's how I learned about the Patriot in the first place. Looking on the web the only other brand I could find was Lexar that had a 32GB class 10. Thanks for the info HKM


sounds good.. the 32gb is a little too much money for me.. the 16 seems just right ;) only $40.. sounds good.. I will get that one.. thanks for the help!