Help Memory card ejects itself repeatedly

Hi everyone,

I haven't found a thread covering this problem yet. My memory card (32GB) in my Galaxy Note keeps ejecting itself. I've not been able to use my media apps in over 2 weeks now because I turn the phone on and often find that it displays the "The memory card is now safe to remove" message. I've reseated it many times and it's snugly in its slot, and it's not popping out or moving--the card is fine, as far as I can tell.
Any advice? Thanks!


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I do not think your problem is with the mechanical contact of the memory card.

1. Are you using a major brand name card, or one that is off brand? I have steadily upgraded. I started with 16GB, then 32GB, and now 64Gb. I have 64GB cards in my GN, my S2 Duos, and my Goophone. I still have a 16GB card in my Nokia, and a 16GB card in my Nook. All of them work as expected. I have never used any brand except Sandisk. Many problems have been reported with off brand cards.

2. Some Sandisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB cards produced in 2012 have been known to have problems. Sandisk will replace them for free. You will have to Google search for help with that.

3. Did you buy your card on ebay? Fake Sandisk cards are common. They are known to cause problems.

4. Did you format the card in your phone? Copy all the files off your card. Format the card in your phone. Remove the card, and copy all the files back to the card. Place the card back in your phone.

5. Some apps are not suitable for running from the SD card. Android uses Ext4 filesystem. Memory cards are usually formatted exfat or some other Windows filesystem. The safeguards built into Linux do not work on the memory cards because of this.

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I am using the Sandisk 32GB card that came with my phone. I've always been wary of cheap flash storage, and whenever I buy new memory cards, I usually go with Sandisk, Kingston or Crucial. I'm going to try to get everything off and format it, and will post my results!
Thanks, everyone!