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Memory Card Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Neckman, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Neckman

    Neckman Lurker
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    I just got a ViewSonic ViewPad 7e last week.

    I bought a Transcend 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card to go in it.

    I am having nothing but problems with this memory card? I'm trying to figure out whether the problem is the memory card, or the device.

    According to the manual for the device, it can handle a 32GB memory card. However, I see no mention of whether that microSD card can be microSDHC or not. Perhaps this is the problem? I just don't know. According to one post in here by Chance2020 in the topic entitled 'microSD or microSDHC?', microSDHC is fine.

    I am wondering if, maybe, the device, despite what the manual says, actually can't handle a 32GB card.

    The symptoms of the problem are that, when I download apps to the device and move them to the memory card, everything is find for a while -- meaning a day or two. But, after a few days, some of the data (apps) becomes unavailable. The indication of this is that: (a) some memory card-based apps won't start, though others still will; and (b) when I go into the app manager, and look at the SD Card section, these same non-starting apps no longer have their proper icon and name, but, instead, have a generic black icon and the java package name. Eventually, soon after this problem starts, NONE of the items on the memory card can be found. Then, the entire system gets sluggish to completely non-responsive when the memory card is in the system. If I remove the memory card, the system starts responding quickly again.

    After downloading several apps and experiencing this problem the first time, I figured that the card might be corrupt, as I had not formatted it before using it. So, I formatted the card (while it was in the device), and downloaded my apps again. I am now 36 hours in, and the problem is happening again. I am about to lose all of my apps for the second time.

    The system is not rooted. The only thing I did do was try to install the Android Market. But, that failed, so I deleted the apk. I have since installed a couple of "anti-virus" programs and run scans, both of which indicated that my system is clean.

    Any guidance in trying to figure this problem out will be greatly appreciated.



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  2. TinkerB3ll

    TinkerB3ll Member

    Hi Scott, I've had a similar problem in the past. Eventually I realised my *bargain* sd card was the culprit. I replaced it with a a sandisk (at much higher cost!) and everything went swimmingly. Cheap sd-cards are not worth buying! Note, this was with a 16gb card not a 32.
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