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Memory: Easter bunny

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Freedom Games, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Memory: Easter bunny - a warm, playful and exciting free puzzle game for memory. It is very useful for both children memory development and for adult training and its improvement. And how do without mental pastime and beautiful Easter emotions! In this game you can play family and warm up in each other the spirit of Easter, as well as to develop memory! Help the Easter Bunny, find all the easter eggs and Easter save by improving your memory!

    In a free game to remember there is a preliminary training for beginners, where the Easter Bunny teaches you how to play.
    The basic principle of the game to memory - the same search for Easter eggs! Find and open the 2 consecutive identical Easter eggs, if they are different - they are closed, and if the same - they disappear and are given points. Just after a certain achievements you open a new Easter Eggs. Open all the Easter eggs in a free game Memory: Easter bunny!

    Memory Game will help you:
    - Develop concentration
    - Improve your ability to memorize
    - Develop cognitive skills
    - Train memory
    - Relieve stress
    - Get a sea of pleasant emotions of Easter - the atmosphere

    Features memory:
    ★ Lots of levels with increasing levels of difficulty!
    ★ Install the best results!
    ★ Share your achievements with your friends and compete with them!
    ★ Smooth and beautiful animations!
    ★ Bright and pleasant Easter design!
    ★ A lot of Easter eggs that you need to find!
    ★ Beautiful music!
    ★ Achievements!
    ★ Global competition!

    Look for the same Easter eggs and collect them in a basket for the Easter Bunny to a man. Get a nice bonus in the form of points and the new Easter eggs! Go through as many levels and do not forget to improve your results on a daily basis, it will help you improve your visual memory and attentiveness! And also do not forget to open as many Easter eggs as possible. With each new open Easter egg Easter bunny you help save Easter!

    Train your memory! Enjoy the game and Happy Easter!

    In future:

    ☆ More levels to improve memory!

    GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freedomgames.memorygamemaster


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