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Memory Full - Please help me understand what's happening

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PghLesbian, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. PghLesbian

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    Hi. I am not really good with technical things so I don't quite understand some previous solutions similar problems.

    Over the past 48 hours, my phone is buzzing constantly to tell me that my memory is full. "Low On Space - 739 MB Used and 1.5 GB Free System Storage"

    Then I get a message instructing me to delete email, call log, texts or calendar & contact info. I deleted old texts and the call log. I uninstalled and reinstalled my multiple gmail accounts (I use the email app) I can't delete contacts or calendar info - I need that!

    So ... I don't really understand what is happening. I don't understand how I should know when I have "too many" apps running. Its hard to find a "mb/gb for dummies primer!" I've very happy to delete apps, but I don't *understand* the core issue so I'm concerned this will continue to happen.

    The only thing different in the past few weeks
    1. battery is dying after 4 or 5 hours off the charger no matter how much/little I use it
    2. I've added a few short videos. i don't know how to transfer those to my pc

    I'd appreciate some help. I realize I may sound naive & ignorant, but I honestly don't know this stuff.


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