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Memory full

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Tom888, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Tom888

    Tom888 Lurker
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    My ATV box has 1gb memory. It shows I have used 450mb in Downloads, however it doesn't show that I have any downloads available to delete. I've cleared cache etc but I'm still unable to download new files as it says my memory is full. I downloaded an incompatible version of Kodi several times which is what I think is taking up the memory. As it's incompatible it doesn't show in downloads so I'm unable to delete it. I've tried factory reset etc but it's still showing I've got 450mb worth of downloads that I can't get rid of. I've searched all forums, please help!! Thanks

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Typically some of the memory in the device is taken up by the actual system itself - which is probably the 450MB, especially if you can't track it down, and it is still there after factory resets.

    However, it is a little concerning that even after the resets you cannot download anything at all...

    I know some Kodi boxes limit downloads to specific apps, this doesn't appear to be the issue though. Have you tried uninstalling all the updates for the play store? This might trigger something because it could be an issue with the play store or something of that nature.

    Get back to me if you have any additional information.
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  3. mikedt

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    Could be worth trying a factory reset and data wipe on it. But frankly if it's only got 1GB of internal storage, it's never going to be satisfactory at all IMO. Is this a very budget cheapo device, like $20 or something?
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  4. Simon Lam

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    possible that your factory reset is not working, some boxes just have non working recovery image.

    Use a file explorer to check on the kodi directory and delete everything there. Android -> files -> org.xbmc.kodi

    If you had an wizard to donwload addon for you , some may have a setting that to store cache in your internal storage and make it full very fast.

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  5. Andy E Droid

    Andy E Droid Lurker

    Are you sure that the 1GB you're talking about is RAM memory (which is typical on most boxes)? I use ES file explorer/manager to check 'under the hood' and often I have to clear out my Recycle bin (I have it set to keep deleted files). If your box is indeed 1GB system memory I'd be getting a new one. My apps, etc take up almost 2 GB (out of 8). Leaves me room for movie/TV downloads to transfer to my XHDD. ES file explorer also has a 'cleaner' app buit in which works well.

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