Memory on my 32G SD card is shrinking!!


Ack, this is so ridiculous and frustrating, and I've tried everything I know, so I'm hoping there's a genius here who can solve my problem. I have a 32G SD card that has been working brilliantly, but lately not so much. I had it about 70% full, and then all of a sudden, without my adding anything more than a few megs, my Adao indicator showed the amount of data on it going up... and up... and up. Yesterday it read 83% full and today it's 84%!

I've tried History Eraser (which worked brilliantly on my internal memory) and Toolbox, which didn't do much at all for my SD card. I've checked all the files I can think of. I have AVG installed and run virus scans on the card. Nada.

Any ideas out there about what's happening, before my card fills up all by itself?


Well well well, this is interesting! I just went into my Astro program and noticed that my amazon mp3 app folder was huge. Exploring yielded this information: The temp folder contained over 5G of music! It appears that when I download one of my playlists from the amazon cloud, it stores the music on my sd card! Who knew!! So, I don't know if I can do anything about that, but deleting the temp folder seems to have no deleterious effect and frees up all that mysteriously filled memory on my sd card. It went down from 85% full to 65%! I hope this information will be useful to someone else.