memory problem


hey guys,

after i upgraded my htc desire to gingerbread 2.3 with the official upgrade.

the memory of the phone just got lesser each day, when i rarely install any apps.

please help

thanks in advance


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have you gone into the applications menu and manually moved the apps onto the sd card? that will save alot of space.


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Tbh every desire owner runs into this problem eventually, the only permanent solution is to root your phone and install a custom rom.

Check out the rooting board to find out more.


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Holytoa, have you cleared your browser and app cache? That will free you a handful of MB. Look at some of the big 3rd party apps that you have but don't use.
I'm in the exact same situation! The memory/free diskspace just slowly gets smaller and smaller - and it is not the cache that is building up but more like as if the phone just "eats" the memory... :thinking:


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@foxhunter: if it isn't app caches (& I'd recommend 1tap cleaner for checking & clearing) check whether any apps are using excessive amounts of data storage. Contacts Storage can sometimes do this, and I suspect social networking apps could too. An app called Quick System Info can show your apps sorted by data size (rather than total size, as the GB applications menu does) which can help spot if one is playing up.
I have installed the sugested programs but it's still not the cache that gives me more free internal diskspace...


With the Quick System Info there also is a Quick Task killer - and I know that taskkillers are a BIG NO NO, but I pressed it anyway - and guess what? It instantly gave me 2,50 Mb free diskspace...??? :thinking:

I know it is not much but at the moment I'm happy with every free Kb I can get... :cool:


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There was an issue with the HTC mail app where it used to not free space when mails were deleted. I would expect that to fixed in the latest versions, but it's worth a check as I've no idea on the current status of it.


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I will say that this issue appears even on my phone....and I'm rooted running Ginger Villian 2.8...and have reflashed it a number of times.

At first I thought it was the a2sd+ scripting not working, but even on this fresh install with the script working perfect, I was still losing a little ever other day...I mean yea I install apps, but not as many as I did and I am very careful in noting how much space I had before and after said app install and since they have been running..

It has since stopped taking any extra space...but I don't know why it was or even what caused it to stop...just one of those weird issues..oh and I am running a cache cleaner, but an automated one that I don't have to physically click every few hours or days cos sometimes my cache REALLY take a beating at times...had 45mb in there the other day (but thats unrelated to the memory drain from before)