I am aware that asking this question will demonstrate that I'm the newest of noobies but I can't stand it any longer. Will someone put me out of my misery! My Note has 2GB RAM - OK, I know about RAM. It also has 16GB of what most people call internal memory which, I understand, is memory that is "built into" the phone. I have installed a 32GB micro SD card.
Why does the settings page report 9.34GB "Total Space"? Other apps report 9.34 GB internal storage and 9.32GB external storage as well as the 32GB external SD card? The different terminologies is driving me mad.:mad:

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Without root access apps will automatically download to what you call the internal storage which is 16GB, typically apps will automatically download to this area, few offer to download to the micro SD card.

Applications and games are made by many many different developers and each dev has their own lingo, so some are calling the internal external and external internal, it's just something you have to live with :(

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Well, first, it doesn't really have 16GB. It more likely has 15.2 GB. For years the tech industry has be playing fast and loose with KB, MB and GB values. If your device has 16 million bytes, they may report it as a gigabyte but in actually is less because there are 1024 bytes in a KB, 1024 KB in an MB, etc. It's a classic example of binary vs. decimal where the consumer loses. ;)

Now, when it says 16 GB on the box that means all physical memory including operational RAM, system, cache and recovery partitions. You'll have to subtract all that to get the user memory space.