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MemoryUp's FAQ's

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by justjimjpc, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Nov 3, 2008

    Nov 3, 2008
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    From eMobiStudio's WebSite :

    1. What does MemoryUp do?

    A: MemoryUp manages system memory, the paging file, and the way in which virtual memory is treated in order to maximize performance. It recovers RAM not currently needed by the operating system and applications, and recovers memory leaked by applications. It can temporarily flush unused DLLs and libraries out to disk to make room for your big applications and games (these come back transparently when needed).

    2. How should I adjust my settings?

    A: The setting options are very important for the performance of MemoryUp. If you want to achieve the best performance of MemoryUp, you should refer to the user manual and get to understand what each setting item does for you. We also have some recommendations and tips in the user manual. Please check it before you start to boost up your smartphone.

    3. Why can I obviously see the effects of MemoryUp?

    A: Many factors (such like your smartphone deployment and status of other running applications on your smartphone, etc) can affect its working performance. In general, the mistake people make most often is setting MemoryUp too aggressively. The intent of MemoryUp is to ensure you never run out of RAM when you need it. Recover as much memory as you can.

    And the settings are also very important for improving MemoryUp's performance. Please take a reference to the user manualon how to manage your MemoryUp settings before you start to boost up your smartphone.

    4. What does the MemoryUp engine do?

    A: The MemoryUp engine is a utility to free unutilized memory. It manages allocation of memory to execute programs. It prevents performance from degrading as you swap files and programs in and out of memory. It repairs memory leaks and prevents unnecessary system slow downs to make your system more responsive.

    It also defragments memory, thus improving system access time, saving memory and preventing corruption. Achieve faster shutdowns as system cache is also emptied. Although MemoryUp automatically monitors and controls this, even you can do it manually with a single click.

    5. Can MemoryUp make my system unstable?

    A: No. If anything, because it increases the amount of memory available to applications, your system should become more stable. It installs no extra files or drivers and does not modify your system files.

    6. Does MemoryUp compress memory?

    A: Absolutely not; there is no performance-robbing compression at all. It simply causes what physical RAM you have to be used in a more efficient manner, and allows you to reclaim that memory from applications and the operating system when you need it most.

    7. Can MemoryUp really recover memory leaks?

    A: While it cannot recover them from the address space (the application would fault if it did indeed try to use that memory at some point) it can recover the physical RAM leaked, making it available for use by the operating system and other applications.

    8: Can MemoryUp improve gaming performance?

    A: Yes. Let's say you start a game and half way through it suddenly demands memory for graphics, etc. Without MemoryUp, your system would visibly pause as other applications and parts of the operating system were page-faulted out to make room. If you "Defragment and Recover" before starting the game, MemoryUp should make a noticeable improvement.

    9: I purchased your MemoryUp software for my N95 from Handango (order id: xxxxxxx). The registration key I was given: XXXXXXXXX-XXXX is not working for me.

    A: Please enter the register page and input the full reg-code in the "code" row. All the reg-code must be input in upper-case. As for most Nokia phones, you can click "#" button to change the font.

    10. MemoryUp is supposed to boost my smartphone. But when I check the memory usage with handy taskman, MemoryUp takes about 3-4M memory while running in the background? Is MemoryUp a memory hog itself?

    A: The answer is definitely no. MemoryUp is the best mobile RAM booster for your smartphone. When MemoryUp is running on your smartphone, it will automatically take control of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) RAM of your phone and re-allocate scattered memory dynamically. Memory monitoring applications, such as Handy Taskman and Smartphoneware Tracker, however, consider all the JVM RAM as memories occupied by MemoryUp, therefore indicates a high memory usage. According to our tech team and customer feedback, MemoryUp can effectively analyze and recover up to 50% JVM RAM occupied by other java programs on your smartphone.

    11. How can I set MemoryUp to boost my smartphone automatically?

    A: Just take an example, if you want Memoryup to automatically boost every 3 hours, all you need to do is to set up the interval in "setting" page, then click "Hide" to enable MemoryUp to run in the background. By doing this, MemoryUp will start to run in a "Half-sleeping" mode, which will minimize the system resource occupied by MemoryUp and auto-boost your system memory in predefined intervals. You can wake up Memoryup at any time by just clicking on the icon of MemoryUp.

    12. I purchased memory up-Mobile RAM Booster for my Blackberry Curve. How do I install the product?

    A: As for you question for installation, you can install MemoryUp in either of the following two methods:

    1).With your BB's Application Loader:

    All you need to do is to download MemoryUp at:
    Then unzip the MemoryUp software Package, find and open the "memoryup.alx" file, then install it with your BB's Application Loader.

    2).Or issue an over the air (OTA) installation directly from your BB:

    * Start up the BlackBerry Browser.
    * Enter the web address:
    * Follow the instructions to download and install the MemoryUp Specially designed for BlackBerry.

    13. What's the difference between "Hide" and "Exit" in MemoryUp's main menu?

    A: On the main menu of MemoryUp, you can find both "Exit" and "Hide" command. By clicking "exit", you will close MemoryUp. But by clicking "Hide" command, MemoryUp will stay running in the background. You can set MemoryUp to automatically boost your memory in the setting page of MemoryUp.

    For more detailed instruction, you can refer to the user manual in the
    software package.

    14. How can I check whether MemoryUp is successfully hidden and running in the background?

    A: There are two easy ways to check whether MemoryUp is successfully hidden into background:

    1). After hiding MemoryUp into the background, try to reopen it in your application list window. If MemoryUp is successfully hidden in the background, it will appear to be much quicker to open it than to start it for the first time.

    2). You can enable auto-optimization function in MemoryUp's setting page and set the interval at 30 minutes (for example). Then after you reopen MemoryUp half an hour later, you can check the log list to see whether those predefined auto-optimizations are successfully performed. If the result is yes, you can ensure that MemoryUp is successfully hidden and working in the background.

    15. I am using a BlackBerry 8100. I find there is a difference between "File Free" shown by my BB with "Free Memory" shown by MemoryUp. Why?

    A: As for your question, the "File Free" in your BB is not the same with "Free Memory" in MemoryUp. As the "File Free" indicates the free disk space in your BB, "Free Memory" in MemoryUp indicates the free RAM which is available for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in your BB. So these two are totally different.

    16. When I try to open "memoryup.jar" with my windows mobile smartphone's File Explorer, I get the error message: "There is no application associated with 'memoryup'. Run the application first and then, open this file inside the application." How can I solve this problem?

    A: This error is due to your windows mobile system does not provide support for java applications. To add java support/extension to your windows mobile smartphone or pocket PC, you need to install an extra plug-in for your windows mobile handheld, which is the "IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment 6.1.1". Please read MemroyUp's step by step installation instruction for windows mobile users at here.



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